In 2008, Microsoft smacked us up the side of our collective domes with a TV commercial campaign featuring comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Redmond commander-in-chief Bill Gates. The banter, we'd heard, would be off the proverbial hook. It was off the hook, alright. As in lying on the floor, dead. Ultimately, the Seinfeld-Gates combo was a bomb for the ages uncomfortable, pointless, and simply unfunny.

But unlike tech product placement (which is pretty universally terrible), there are some real gems when it comes to TV commercials for tech products.

We humbly suggest the following 30 commercials as the niftiest tech ads to ever hit the small screen. Ground-breaking, dazzling, uproariously funny, and sometimes simply remarkable for their uniqueness, they are, at the very least, a blast to watch. Enjoy.
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