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New PC Month - March

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    New PC Month - March

    My current PC is rather old and when I purchased it well.. it was used. Yuck.
    So now I'm getting a custom built one from Atomic City Computer in Oak Ridge TN. Best thing about this is they have a lay away plan so I just have on more payment in March and it's MINE!! The one I have now will go to my girlfriend, Erin.

    The specs on the new one are as follows:
    Case: Thermaltake
    MB: Asus
    CPU: AMD 3Ghz
    Memory: Crucial 4GB DDR3
    HD: WD 500GB
    Monitor: 27" ViewSonic
    Keyboard: Crucial Raptor K40
    OS: Windows 8.1 64Byte

    Office Suite: MS Office 2013
    Browser: Palemoon 24.X and IE11
    PDF Reader: Foxit Reader
    AntiVirus: Microsoft Defender

    Programming Tools:
    Java: JCreator 3.5, BlueJay and Eclipse
    C++: Code::Blocks 13
    Python 2.7: PyScripter
    AutoIt and Open COBOL IDE
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    Congrats, its always nice to get a new PC. Its fantastic when they're new, run really fast etc, then you load lots of crap on them and its like old times, slow slow slow. I just built one this week so I could introduce myself to win 8.1
    As I haven't upgraded or built a pc for 3 years, all I can say is OMG things have changed. Needless to say it was a learning experience .... then I loaded win 8 and things got interesting

    Have lots of fun with it BunnyJ
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    Congrats! Don't be afraid to tinker with and upgrade your new PC... I built my main desktop last year at this time as my old PC was more than 6 years old... Here's a link to my project...

    Documenting my new PC (re)build... From Q6600 to i7-3770k
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    Thanks all. I hope to upgrade the CPU to an AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition, 4.0/4.2GHZ (Base/Overdrive).
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    Put a 120GB SSD (<$100) in it as your boot drive, upgrade the RAM to at least 8GB and put in a decent video card and you'll be very happy with the increased performance and "seat of the pants" increase in speed!
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    Thanks for the tips. I was thinking about the RAM increase and going to an SSD as the boot drive.
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    Yes, do the SSD 1st, then the RAM upgrade... Get a good video card, too. I recommend the EVGA GTX-660SC at $159.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BunnyJ View Post
    Thanks all. I hope to upgrade the CPU to an AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition, 4.0/4.2GHZ (Base/Overdrive).
    Be careful with these 125 Watt CPUs. They need water cooling. On air they will run extremely hot.

    And an SSD is the very best investment you can make. On sale, 120GB SSDs are under $80. All you need in addition is a $3 Sata cable. When you are ready, have a look here.

    SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System - Windows 7 Help Forums
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