gtwolf, just subscribe. It is well worth the cost, seeing all that you get with a MSDN account. Also it is nifty in a pinch, and you forgot an O/S Microsoft app, you can just download it there, and do a quick burn of it, or put it on a USB dongle. PLUS on top of all that, you have help when there is something that had got you puzzled, as well as beta testing all the new software that comes out of Microsoft. NOT everything is like this an open invitation. I haven't paid for a piece of Microsoft software since Windows 98. I have gotten Windows 98(SE) on to current full retail copies, as well as Office since 2000 for no cost to myself outside of just being active in beta testing. Right now I'm enjoying this beta test, as well as the current Microsoft Server beta testing on my Gateway Server.
The subscription cost pays for itself in less than a year. (Note: Most company will pick up the cost as part of the IS/IT department).