I have a machine that's maxed out on SATA power connectors (there are only 8 and all 8 are used). I have a few other things coming out of my PSU (like auxiliary power cables for video cards, spare fans, etc.). I also have a 4-wire Molex/PATA (the white plugs) power connector that's unused however it's only 4-wire not 5-wire (it's missing the orange 3.3v power wire).

I own a Molex/PATA >> SATA power adapter but it's 4-wire to 4-wire and I've been unable to get any new/modern HDD to function properly on the 4-pin SATA adapter.

So the questions are:

#1 - I've been unable to find the technical specs for my specific HDDs on the Manufacturer's websites to see if they do indeed need a 3.3v connection to work properly - any ideas?

#2 - given the numerous other power supplies I have (like for video cards & aux devices) does anyone make an adapter for these that will convert into a proper 5-wire SATA power plug?

#3 - does anyone know of a 4-wire Molex/PATA to 5-wire SATA converter? (I assume there would be a box/transistor/resistor involved to convert either the 5V or 12V over to 3.3V)

Any other suggestions? It's a 1000W PSU and the machine isn't running video cards or a CD/DVD so there is plenty of power available. I just need to attach one more SSD in there so my VMware development host can put system cache to SSD vs. HDD.