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Bulbageddon is upon us

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    Bulbageddon is upon us

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls, incandescents; it tolls for thee.

    Along with the start of a new calendar year, the changeover to 2014 will signal the dawn of a new era, one in which rising efficiency standards render 40- and 60-watt incandescent light bulbs obsolete. The new standards will put an end to the Edison creation's century-long run as America's favorite light, and force consumers to turn to newer, more efficient technologies when replacing a burnt-out bulb
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    I switched to LED bulbs about 3 years ago...and keep upgrading them as more energy efficient ones come along.....higher light levels from 5kWh now as I used to spend 90kWh on and they last waaay longer.
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    I went all CFL about 3 to 4 years ago, except for the appliance bulbs. Now I'm slowly adding LED's as the CFL's wear out. More expensive generally but they last a heck of a long time. I found the CFL's don't last nearly as long as the manufacturer thinks they should and try to get a warranty replacement, it's like pulling teeth. Sure I'm going to keep all the receipts and the boxes they came in....not.
    Not sure I like the "light" that any of them emit though. No matter how well they try to match them I still think the incandescents had a nicer, warmer looking/feeling 'glow' to them. On the plus side I notice even our local supermarket sells LED's now so things are looking up as far as availability and choice go. When I first went CFL I had to buy all of mine online from the USA. Cost me a small fortune in import charges. My mail man thought I needed my head examining, probably he was right. We had a good range of regular CFL's but try to find dimmable ones (most of my switches are dimmers - the electronic variety so they are OK with CFL's), or 3-way ones was well-nigh impossible here until relatively recently.
    I assume I'm using a lot less electricity as a result of all this. I don't really know because electricity is included in my apartment rent. That's the whole point of all this after all. Anything to keep my landlord happy.
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