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TPP still going (from PE!) time music bosses gave up

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    TPP still going (from PE!) time music bosses gave up

    Hi there

    Why don't the Movie people just give up -- rather trying to kick out The Pirate Bay from St. Maarten and the Ascension Island domains they are now for a while hosted with a PE domain (Peru) . !!

    If the movie people wanted to stamp out Piracy just make your stuff available ONLINE and at sensible prices -- sometimes I can ONLY get TV streams via these sorts of sites -- for example COVERT AFFAIRS S4 or the UK's THE TUNNEL from SKY ATLANTIC channel. I'd happily PAY for a DVD / stream but we can't get them.

    I've also sourced some RARE classical music recordings which are NEVER likely to be re-released -- so actually in an obscure way maybe Torrent users are actually doing a favour by keeping alive some rare material which might disappear for ever -- I believe a few long lost episodes of BBC's Dr Who series were found by some "Users" in Nigeria !!!,

    It's nearly 2014 -- and these days why on earth do we have to wait AGES for example to see the latest HOBBIT film -- it's already out in the wild and there's NOTHING the movie industry can do except "Go with the flow" and allow people these days to watch via download streams -- no probs with sensible subscriptions.

    (I and most people I know) will still go to the movie theatre for the Big Screen experience if the film is worth seeing so that whole issue of "saving the Movie Industry" is a load of little round objects.

    Pirating generally is because stuff isn't available -- OK there are ALWAYS some who want to get something for nothing - you'll never stop that but you'd certainly reduce the scale HUGELY.

    Even software - sometimes you just want to see if stuff works before purchasing -- TRIAL versions are usually HOBBLED or don't last long enough or full of ADWARE. Sensible trial software is fine -- For example Ms FREE 90 day trial of its Windows W8.1 Enterprise and 2012 server.


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    The point is going to be moot very soon because The Pirate Bay is going to a non domain based structure.

    They are going to completely decentralize the system so they don't have to even have a domain name. They will do this through The Pirate Browser, which is already pretty cool in it's own right. PirateBrowser - No More Censorship!

    They should wait for our new PirateBrowser, then domains will be irrelevant,” the source told TorrentFreak. “Once that is available then all links and sites will be accessible through a perfectly legal piece of browser software and the rest of it will be P2P, with no central point to attack via the legal system.
    Story here:

    Original TorrentFreak story here: Pirate Bay Docks in Peru: New System Will Make Domains ?Irrelevant? | TorrentFreak - which adds,

    TorrentFreak is informed that the new system, which is still under development, will appear as a standalone browser and also as Firefox and Chrome plugins. Until then the varied climate of Peru will suffice.
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