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Another great experience with Dell

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    Another great experience with Dell

    While I know others have had bad experiences, I have had nothing but good experiences with Dell computers.

    I recently purchased an Inspiron 15 (3521) touchscreen Windows 8 laptop for my kids. When I got it, I looked at the hard drive layout and noticed the system recovery partition. Unlike a few other Dells', this one didn't have an F# button that you could press to have it restore the OS back to the defaults. I looked around and found that there was some software on the box to create recovery media.

    Just to be sure that I was going down the right path (that being that if Windows 8 would not boot, I could create either a USB key or a DVD to boot from to recovery my system), I started up a tech chat with Dell. Within just a few minutes, they offered to overnight me a Dell Recovery USB key at no charge. 2 days later and the key is at my house. No fuss, no muss.

    As far as bloatware is concerned, I uninstalled the Office 365 trial and the Mcafee Internet Security Suite and that was it. I went into Task Manager and prevented about 5 things from automatically starting up. Perfectly happy with the computer.

    Kudos Dell.

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    Good choice with Laptop

    I have been using this one for about 6 months now, working perfectly

    Not had to contact Dell, but from ordering it to receiving it was very smooth, received it sooner than expected

    I read a lot of horror storied about Dell prior to ordering, so was not sure what to expect, but I had no issues and a great service
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    It's good to see someone posting about a good experience. So often only those that have had a bad experience post about it while those with good experiences remain silent which tends to give the impression that a particular product or company is bad.

    I have had good dealings with Dell as well. I have had a couple of their desktops over the years and my son and wife both have Dell laptops. My work computer is a Dell as well. Haven't had to deal much with tech support but ordering has always been a great experience. I ordered a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet late last night and already got a notice that it shipped, hasn't even been 12 hours yet!
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    We had a dell rep in the office last week with one of the new Venue tablets. I love the fact that these have user replaceable batteries and such.
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    I own a Dell XPS 8300 and an Inspiron 530. Never had a problem with either of those.

    But I also never had a problem with my two Gateway laptop and my Toshiba laptop. My 2007 HP desktop is also still working very well. This one I upgraded though. Only my 2007 HP laptop is giving me problems now (could be the Cmos battery).

    A superb Sony Vaio I had to RMA because there were nothing but problems with it. That was too bad because it was a very nice machine.
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    I have had 100% positive experiences with Dell since 1992, when I started dealing with them at work, and at home...
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    I have worked with numerous Dell Optiplex PCs anyways, and from my experience they are quite reliable. Cool case design for what it is, too. I still have an old Optiplex GX280 with Pentium 4 HT CPU as a backup machine, and nothing has ever gone wrong with it... at least not hardware related.
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