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Just what I've been waiting for :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Yes, that is what "free to air" means, several are ad supported. Nevertheless for the reasonable sum of £150 a year , UK residents get a vast array of channels, some of them the highest possible quality.

    The BBC does not carry commercials.
    There is no "free to air" or any free TV here except PBS. It is called commercial TV. In the end we pay for the commercials hidden in the cost of products. Even if one buys a monthly carrier subscription there are commercials, save a few shows that are produced by the carrier company. If one obtains a subscription with movie channels, the movies are usually commercial free. The newly-released-to-public movies are usually at a cost of $3 to $4 each.

    So the "free to air" BBC TV is supported by ads, but the "£150-a-year" license fee service is commercial free? If so, that's the real deal!

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    Now that's a good looking device Hippsie!!

    I really hope you can purchage it without having to sign an expensive contract at a specific mobile carrier. Those guys always make you pay more for a Phone then necessary.

    Do you have a Windows Phone already? I have the HTC 8X and I'm really impressed by Windows Phone. It's a magnificient Phone OS .


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    The BBC does not have ads. That is what you pay the license fee for. In return for that, it has a remit to fulfill. That is why it is the best, it is not driven by purely commercial concerns. ( They do however sell their programs to other channels around the world ). Some of the other channels carry ads. As I recall after 15 mins of content there can be up to 2 mins of ads.
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    we pay for the commercials hidden in the cost of products
    Price is a marketing tool.
    Generally, products are priced according to what the customer is willing to pay. Marketing can increase the customer perception of the value of a brand, leading to the opportunity to price accordingly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Now that MS has purchased Nokia, we will see some great additions. This is one I've been waiting for. A Nokia phablet > Look at the specs of this beauty.

    The only problem I see is that it may only be offered exclusively through at&t. I'm contacting MS/Nokia to see if I can purchase this outright to go prepay. I don't want contracts.

    Coming soon! With a six-inch, 1080p full HD screen, enjoy what’s on your phone in a whole new way—even in bright sunlight. Take stunning photos with the 20 MP PureView camera. Zoom in, reframe and recrop your shots into new images, and get creative with exclusive photo editing tools. Then use Nokia Storyteller to organize your photos and videos in creative ways to tell rich stories using an interactive map. All of this plus Microsoft Office Mobile and SkyDrive to stay productive on the go. Color availability may vary by country.
    Nokia Lumia 1520 | Windows Phone (United States)
    Hi when you hear back let me know please. I'm very interested in the same info you have listed above..
    My contract has been up on my cell phone, I'm ready to upgrade when I'm ready with what I want.
    I too use ATT.. there is a Verizion store, just 15 miles from me..
    I'm going to be there one day next week inquiring about this.
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    I just found this....
    Nokia Lumia 2520 | Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless

    Stay tuned in

    Just talked to a lady on the Verizon home page.. ( Chat there )

    here is a number she gave me to check and get more info.

    1-800-922-0204.........6AM - 11PM your local time
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    Thanks for the info and link, LPT. That 2520 looks to be very similar to the Surface RT (not the pro). I'm still thinking the phablet will fit my needs. Hopefully buy outright to go prepay.

    Here is the sign up to get info on release of the 1520 on the Nokia site: Nokia Lumia 1520 - 4G Smartphone with 20MP Camera - Nokia - USA

    For the 2520: Nokia Lumia 2520 - 4G Tablet with Keyboard - Nokia - USA
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    I have been waiting for my BF to pick me up for dinner
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    Lol! Welcome to Windows EightForums, janetkissho.

    Well? Did he make it? On time?
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    Looks like the Lumia 1520 may be available on November 15th.

    'So excited' Microsoft jumps gun on Lumia 1520 preorders | Mobile - CNET News
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