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AMD VS Intel [Read Before Bash and Dismissal]

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    AMD VS Intel [Read Before Bash and Dismissal]

    Ok, I've done a little more reading on the new AMD chips that were released, such as the APU and Bulldozer chips against the i5 and i7.

    First a little of why I'm sporting AMD, let's remember that I'm not looking at cost of anything at the moment.

    Thing is, when I'm working at my computer, I need a PC that isn't power hungry, but can muilt-task such as my favorite game, several chat clients, and Microsoft Office.

    Also, I'm looking at sheer requirements, so what my game needs is what it gets. I'm not an overclocker and I'm only buying an 850w PSU. My games are CPU and GPU intensive, more so on the GPU than the CPU.

    Lastly, I'm a worker, at heart I'm working with documents and spreadsheets more than games, and I'm used to a bit of lag, so within that is where I rest on AMD on performance.

    Now cost, It's really clear that Intel is much more expensive than AMD, and so are the motherboards rightfully so. But dollars aside for a brief moment. I don't own any Intel product, and what Intel product I do own was by shear fault of the manufacture.

    I'm leaving my netbook out of this mess because I am having random problems with the chip and are probably heat related, this isn't fair to it. However, I do recall our first desktop having an Celeron D in it which was an epic fail and my dad's laptop which also has an intel chip in it and the clock is always at max and never cools down. My friend's AMD based laptop is a few months old and still working like new, the two intel based machines did not last as long in a few months time.

    Brand trust: I've had 3 older P3 based machines and 2 melted their sockets during windows 7 install, the other one burst into flames when the caps failed. My old AMD based rig Athlon XP locked at 100% load lost its heatsink for 30min and all it did was epically slowed down and then the thermal protection shut it off. Worked just like new after the needed repairs were taken care of.

    Now Cost: Intel's are first more expensive than AMD's chips and part of that is name brand, and the other part of cost is that motherboards in the intel line are also more costly. AMD is more affordable since there is no name branding and as well there's no advertising. AMD also produces what the consumer needs not what they want.

    If Intel was priced the same as AMD, and performance was the same across the board I'd use them interchangeably.

    Opinion: Yes, I know my opinion is very heavily present. I've trusted AMD for years, and I plan to keep trusting AMD even through their bad times. I don't care what the benchmarks say, I care what I have to say.

    One last remark. Socket types, Intel puts the pins on the motherboard, AMD they're on the chip. Intel drop it in and lock it down before it moves. AMD, drop it in, worry free.

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    My main problem with Intel is the continual socket changes....especially the 1156 to 1155....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    AMD, drop it in, worry free.
    Unless the pin/s get bent

    But at least they're more 'tolerant' than socket pins.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan the SoSo View Post
    My main problem with Intel is the continual socket changes....especially the 1156 to 1155....
    Don't forget the multiple CPU revisions in between the different sockets...

    And the eXtreme chips never seem to drop in price when superseded
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    I'm thinking about my next build and I'm in doubt if I go for a Core i7 x6 or a Zambezi x8 chip.

    What do you think ?
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    I have half and half - 3 AMD and 3 Intel. They all work well - some since years. I kind of like AMD too and would probably be looking at an AMD for my next system - which is not for tomorrow.
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    I have half and half - 3 AMD and 3 Intel. They all work well - some since years. I kind of like AMD too and would probably be looking at an AMD for my next system - which is not for tomorrow
    My next system is not for tomorrow too, it will be probably for Q1 2012. I used to be an AMD fanboy some time ago, but in the Core 2 era I moved to Intel, but now, again, I'm very interested in the Zambezi chip.
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    Although I could future proof my next build with an i7, by the time I do that, there might be an i9?

    I'm waiting for the next release of AMD APUs, the Piledriver series. It should come out early next year with better performance running on less power with the new Radeon 7000 series processors built in. And for less than one intel chip and one NVIDIA card? YES!

    Wow, you know you're cool when you've literally seen a computer catch flame!
    I agree, even though AMD is going through a period of major competition, I still stand by them. They're priced right and serves all major purposes of multitasking. My Athlon 240 is still kicking pretty well I think. And their APUs they're released are quite impressive since it cuts cost for the average consumer and also for the casual gamer since they have the choice of CrossFire. YES!
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    I've looked at some of those 7000 series cards and wow they kick quite a punch. But they're also expensive.

    I have an Athlon II X2 220 and it handles games shockingly well, I just need to get off integrated graphics. yuck.

    But all in all, I would love to get my hands on the ultimate build hehe.
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    For this long, an Intel things already occupied my head. For friends, office, and even family, I just automatically recommend those stuffs. I am even wondering why I've been doing this. In fact, I keep on digging updates from several sites including forums, Tomshardware, NGOHQ, and many others. But for graphic card I just automatically think of ATI/AMD

    Reading this thread had just have squeezed more conscience into my head that I should consider having AMD on my next PC assembly.

    Thanks for enlightening me, Guys.
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    That's no problem mas catoer. See I go for amd because of cash reasons but also because of the independent processor specs too. Normally I won't just buy the next Gen released if it can't be fast and have a large cache. But more often than not, since all processors degrade over time I look at each processor independently from others in its' series.
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AMD VS Intel [Read Before Bash and Dismissal]
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