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AMD VS Intel [Read Before Bash and Dismissal]

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    Oh boy, a lot of peoples are not quite update with new reality

    The choice is simple; the only good value for the moment is Intel, actually an Intel cost less than a AMD for the same performance ; a $ 225 i5-2500k overtake a $ 260 AMD FX-8150 and a i5 use only 95 watts compare to the 125 watts of the AMD 8 cores. Aside the 1155 motherboard will accommodate the new Intel 22nm IVY that will use even less electricity. AMD fail with Dozer and they clearly say, they will focus less on the high end market to push more their APU processors.

    Not to mention, if you purchase a AM3+ socket processor, chance are that you will need an old phenom CPU to flash the bios; the AM3+ motherboard have been release before the FX CPU, so they will not boo with a FX CPU, you have to upgrade the BIOS with and old CPU before.
    Also AMD as no pci-e 3.0 motherboard , itís not that important as no current Video Card can reach the limit of pci-e 2.0
    Even a $ 120 i3-2120 can compete with a FX-8150 in many applications and it use only 65 watts. With a Z68 motherboard you can also use Intel Rapid Storage Technology; this permit to use a small 40 GB $ 100 SSD for cache the mechanical drive, itís nearly as fast as a Pure SSD.
    Itís sad because I like AMD , I own also a FX-8150 , honestly I donít see difference compare to my i7-2600k, so if your heart is for AMD, this is not a problem, I just expose the facts as they are at the end itís your PC so you have to like it.
    If you want more info to help too choose I can provide you few spec . I own a computer shop, I build hundreds of PCs a year, so I have experience with many of them .

    Just look at this chart you will see even a $ 120 Intel i3-2100 beat any AMD CPU for gaming

    AMD Or Intel: Which Offers Better Gaming Performance? : Picking A Sub-$200 Gaming CPU: FX, An APU, Or A Pentium?

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    Thanks for the update.

    I rarely visit tomshardware recently.
    Few months ago I start thinking to own one AMD system (never have one before), it was just to have the experience with it, and have something to say when friends talk about AMD's things, though I already got everything with my Core i3 and i5.

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AMD VS Intel [Read Before Bash and Dismissal]
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