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Beep and nothing [motherboard and cpu]

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    Beep and nothing [motherboard and cpu]

    Ok so I'm building my mom's business computer and everything works, I found the PSU cord wasn't 100% plugged in fixed that I booted once bios she beeped and now I got nothing. I reset cmos and power but still nothing. I got a lemon didn't I?

    I'll try a new battery too but this really sucks and I can't afford much down time in this build.

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    Power 6pin is not plugged into the video card.....

    Bad power supply.....

    Bad video card....

    Bad pcie slot....

    I'm full of
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    Ok it might be the PSU or Motherboard. The CPU has to be ok. I just hope I don't have to report the load as damaged on monday.

    Using the onboard GPU atm. the card has no 6-pin

    I did accidentally use one of the usb headers for front panel but corrected that.

    I'm like why are my leds dim and no boot, I found the issue and corrected, I went to bed with it off and unplugged and came to this; this morning. she beeped, no KB flash [Num, Caps, Scroll], nothing just a beep and fail [locked up].
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    If the psu has a voltage switch is it set correctly?

    Change out the psu power cord.....

    All cables on the motherboard correct?

    Bad wall plug?

    Try different psu....if one is handy....
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    actually I got it fixed one of my MB's dimm slots is bad.
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    Glad it's sorted out...are you going to RMA the board?
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    Investigating further proved that it was not the MB at fault but rather a stick of ram. So we're gonna RMA the ram kit for a good one.

    MSI makes interesting MBs but I want to try Gigabyte sometime I hear they build first class boards.

    ASUS I hear makes mean monitors that make jaws drop but they aren't so hot in the MB department esp with the EVO line.
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