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Who like me HATES auto checkouts in Supermarkets

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    They neeeeeever work for me. The computer always gets sassy and says I didn't move it to the right section after I scan the barcode. And honestly, it's much faster for someone else to ring up everything and bag it. I take twice as long so no it's not exactly the 'express' lane with me lol

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    I would use them if they made one with a robot arm that would take your stuff off the belt, scan it, and bag it. That would be cool to watch. It would probably break your eggs though.

    Seriously, if the stores would go to RFID then you could bag your stuff right in the cart as you picked it up. At checkout, the station could scan your whole order at once and be done in a few seconds. If you had an account set up your could just walk through the station on the way out and not even have to stop.
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    Funny enough, I went into the supermarket this afternoon, peak hour time, school mums on way home from picking up kids, people getting shopping for dinner.
    Not one worker was in the 15 items or less lanes, all closed. I stood there in the supermarket and called the store I was in, I asked for the manager. I complained, he said we are under staffed, I noticed two workers talking and one straightening some not crooked boxes of crackers. I told the manager if I was forced to use the auto tellers like everyone else that was being shuffled through them like sheep, that he would be calling a Technician in to get the blue tack from out of the credit card slot.

    He hung up, came down, seen me holding a mobile phone standing by the 15 items or less isle, he asked if I just called the store, I said no but if I did it would be to complain that there is nobody manning the 15 items or less isle. Two 15 items or less isles were then opened.

    I refuse to be forced to use a machine in a world where there is less human interaction everyday. My son is 11. I want him to know what communicating on a personal level is, even if its just to purchase something.
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