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Who like me HATES auto checkouts in Supermarkets

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    I avoid them. Supermarkets might get the message, eventually.

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    I won't use them. Let's keep some live people working. A Guy
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    Hi there
    seems to be roughly in agreement with a Poll commissioned by Morrison's supermarket chain in the UK - it reckoned 85% of customers didn't like them - so even on our "small sample" here it appears that their finding matches the people on this board - the vast majority don't like them. It doesn't though have to be an Either OR situation- why not have a few for those who like them and keep the manned checkouts for those who still prefer to use those.

    However whether Corporate Greed is too strong to resist - time will tell -- incidentally a trend is also beginning to emerge - a lot of people have started shying away from huge supermarkets and are going back to the smaller stores in town -- whether this is due to people having less money to spend these days or not is unknown --obviously you aren't going to a gigantic hypermarket size store to spend say 10 Dollars--. Also in the large supermarkets one tends to buy far more than you really want or need - just the scale of those places has this effect on people whereas in a small "convenience" type of store you tend to buy just what you need.

    I'd urge everybody who doesn't want to have all the checkouts replaced with those self service ones to write (not email but actually WRITE to the CEO) saying they will go elsewhere if all the checkouts are replaced -- plus one can do all the normal stuff like Twitter / FB etc etc.

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    When the local Woolworths chain introduced self serve checkouts they found that they had a massive increase in carrot sales (only a few cents/kilo) and a decrease in other more expensive fruit/vegs.
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    Morrison's supermarket chain in the UK
    Hard to find those, I think they are mainly oop north. I have been into them a few times, they seem pretty good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodi View Post
    When the local Woolworths chain introduced self serve checkouts they found that they had a massive increase in carrot sales (only a few cents/kilo) and a decrease in other more expensive fruit/vegs.
    What on earth could self-server checkouts have to do with what type of fruits/vegetables someone buys?
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    When I am just shopping for a few things, I use the self checkouts. I'm not interesting in standing around waiting in a line for somebody to buy 145 grocery items so that I can get my 7 things.
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    pparks1, I totally agree with you. That happens to me all the time. Its either that or I'm stuck behind someone who wants to take their sweet old time or have no clue what they're doing and need help every 2 seconds.
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    The Safeway where I shop has self checkout. 2 "15 items or less" checkouts, and the "regular" checkouts. So you don't stand behind someone doing the shopping for a month if you have less then 15 items. A Guy
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