Hi there
even though I can only get this show via a torrent I think it's Brilliant and am glad it's been renewed for a 5th season

?Covert Affairs? Renewed for Season 5 by USA Network - TVLine

There's so much JUNK on TV these days --reality shows with people trying to take 6 pieces of Baggage the size of Double Bass instrument music cases as HAND LUGGAGE into the cabin of some cheap budget airline and wondering why they have to pay something or get problems boarding, dysfunctional families depicting an even more depressing life style in a lot of early evening Soaps or hideous talentless wanabees filling hours of Saturday night slots (that's why our pubs are beginning to do well again !!!).

I have to say though I really enjoy the COVERT AFFAIRS series -- looking forward this week to the 2nd part of S4 and glad it's been renewed for S5.

We'll never get it in a million years on our TV but it's available from all the usual places in decent 1080p HD as well.

(I don't normally condone torrents - and would be quite happy to BUY a DVD of this series but the movie moguls just don't seem to realize there's a LEGIT market for this type of stuff -- hence the only way is the "alternative source" system !!).