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Ford tech takes steering wheel from driver's hands

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    Ford tech takes steering wheel from driver's hands

    Computerworld - Ford has demonstrated two new technologies that can take over control of a car for parking and avoiding slow-moving or stationary objects such as pedestrians.

    A Ford Focus equipped with Obstacle Avoidance uses three radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera to scan the road up to 200 meters ahead. If the system detects a slow-moving or stationary object it first displays a warning and then sounds a chime.
    Ford also demonstrated its "Fully Assisted Parking Aid" system on its S-MAX Concept car, which enables a driver to park the car from inside or outside the vehicle by pressing a button and maintaining pressure throughout the parking process. By requiring the driver to hold the button down, it also allow them to cancel or override the system at any time by releasing it.
    Ford tech takes steering wheel from driver's hands - Computerworld

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    Hi there.

    BMW have been doing this for DONKEY'S YEARS -- so have some Japanese makes. In fact the technology has been around since the 1960's -- it's the PUBLIC who are scared of this type of stuff --- just look at the panic when some cities - notably Paris (metro line 14 and now the RATP - PARIS transport authority - is working on making Line 1 automatic too) and London (Docklands Light Railway - or DLR) have attempted to introduce driverless trains.

    Fortunately people are getting used to those now - and so far so good -- Paris Metro line 14 for example - the newest is Brilliant - even when the rest of the system is riddled with strikes (the French "Man the Barricades" at the drop of a hat) that line just "keeps on truckin'".

    People don't seem to mind when Pilots use the Auto Pilot in planes either - in fact at some airports the plane could actually be landed without the Pilot touching the controls at all.

    I rather suspect the authorities would be against Driverless cars for the simple reason - where would they get their revenue from if there were no speeding tickets, driving infractions, DUI's, Parking fines etc etc. !!

    The technology has been around for ages -- whether society is ready to accept it is another matter.

    I have no problems with driverless cars - but where I draw the line at automation is in places like Supermarkets -- Half the fun at a Supermarket is a bit of Banter with the sales ladies (or men) at the checkouts -- or what about "Horror of Horrors" - no HUMAN BARTENDERS.

    Mind you I did hear that the Vatican in order to combat the shortage of Priests in its churches is considering getting some sort of Robot Device to be installed in the Confessional boxes !!!

    We need to be very careful where we stop Human interaction -- efficiency isn't the ONLY consideration.

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