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You tube / Tutorial creators - PLEASE not too much MUSIC

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    You tube / Tutorial creators - PLEASE not too much MUSIC

    Hi there
    why is it that nearly every demo or tutorial that I see on YOU TUBE (or anywhere else for that matter) always seems to have loads of HIDEOUS MUSIC on it. - Since a lot of these are created by individuals in the first place they are unlikely to have decent sound mixing equipment so the sound balance between music and the spoken voice part of the tutorial is likely to be poor (even modern films suffer this problem - crescendo loud special effects while the dialog is often inaudible - and these people have equipment costing hundreds of thousands of (US) dollars).

    If you are giving a demo or a lecture which requires a lot of concentration PLEASE KEEP MUSIC TO A MINIMUM.

    Maybe I'm too old for a lot of this stuff but I still prefer to use a BOOK or a power point for learning (e-books are fine too). Problem with a lot of VIDEO tutorials is that it's not easy to keep going back to a point you haven't understood first time through - and with books / computer power point / word docs is you can make notes too.


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    Exactly. And you don't have to keep pressing pause/rewind in a post or a word document with a list of things to do. You Tube is utterly ill suited for IT tutorials (even without music). Might be appropriate for something like a golf swing where a stationary picture is of less use I suppose though.
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    Hey adamf, could you please explain this comment......
    Might be appropriate for something like a golf swing where a stationary picture is of less use I suppose though.

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    Well you would want to see how the persons body moved through the swing and a picture of it half way through (or even a sequence of stationary pictures) would be less use. Therefore a video might be better in this case.
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    In the case of GOLF, a video is great... if one could slow down the video to see exactly what one needs to make a
    correct, swing or stance , hands placement, follow through.... etc.
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    Well, no problem on YouTube as of late, or of at least as of this morning anyway. Any video one opens, the volume slider is all the way down. I found this out last night when going into our thread "What are you listening to?" which most members post YouTube videos there. No sound. I thought there was something wrong with my system at first until I realized that's what was wrong.

    I hear you on the volume issue, jimbo. In our "older age" we just don't care for LOUD! Lol! On the other hand, working construction all these years, my hearing isn't what it used to be, so I don't go for too soft either. One would think by now in the video and recording industries, whether creating or broadcasting, that there's a standard of volume that all could measure from a certain point. Yes?

    Golf anyone?
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You tube / Tutorial creators - PLEASE not too much MUSIC
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