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It's the end of the light bulb as we know it

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    It's the end of the light bulb as we know it

    With new, stricter efficiency standards almost upon us, it's time to start thinking differently about your lights. Here's why you should feel fine.

    In 2007, the US Congress under President George W. Bush passed the Energy Independence and Security Act. Key among its provisions was a new series of regulations mandating the gradual phase-out of the manufacturing, importation, and sale of inefficient lighting. We've already said goodbye to 75- and 100-watt incandescent light bulbs, and on January 1, 2014, we'll be bidding adieu to 40- and 60-watt bulbs as well.

    The move is intended to kick-start a new era of longer-lasting, more efficient lighting, and according to some, it's a move that's long overdue. After all, incandescent bulbs waste up to 90 percent of the energy they consume on heat output, which is why incandescents get so hot when they're turned on. According to EnergyStar, if every American household replaced just one standard light bulb with one of its certified, high-efficiency light sources, we'd save about $600 million in annual energy costs and prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year -- equivalent to the yearly output of roughly 800,000 cars.

    Still, plenty of folks are concerned about the higher costs of higher efficiency, and some simply prefer the warm tone that you get from incandescents. Just before 100-watt incandescents were phased out last year, one in eight Americans said that they'd stockpile the bulbs when polled by lighting company Osram Sylvania, and you can find similar chatter right now with regards to the 40- and 60-watt varieties that are on their way out next year.

    Regardless of whether you love the idea of a greener energy standard or hate the idea of additional mandates on the free market, the bottom line is that you're going to need to change the way you think about your lights. No longer will swapping a bulb out simply be a matter of slapping a buck or two down on the hardware store counter for a quick, readily disposable lighting fix. The bulbs of tomorrow are already here today, and they're more advanced, more efficient, and yes, more expensive. You're going to need to put some thought into which ones will serve as the best investments for your home.

    In short, it's time to start thinking about light bulbs the way we think about appliances. Here's what you'll need to know
    Read more at: It's the end of the light bulb as we know it | Appliances - CNET Reviews

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