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A question for the Admins and Mods here in 8 Forums?

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    A question for the Admins and Mods here in 8 Forums?

    I am somewhat confused, won't be the first time, at the number of pips and badges that are already mounting up
    way before the Windows 8 Beta is to be released.

    Was that the way it was when Windows 7 Beta was being released?
    It seems to me we are jumping the gun in awarding for a OS that is still in a Pre-Beta stage.

    If that was the case for Windows 7 then I apologize and applaud those that have
    been awarded their efforts.

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    Just interest, pardon my ignorance, but is there a forum function where you can see all those pips and badges, or are you referring to the sigs and avatars? The reason for enquiring is that I have (personal) always been opposed to awards in forums. As a bit of a "humbug" individual, I cannot even see the value of avatars, or sigs!, but they do liven up the outward appearance of the site.
    Although there is a detailed instruction, in the "FAQ', as to how to see the members list, it is, for personal reasons, prohibited when you attempt to look at it. I had thought that was, perhaps, where you had observed the awards.
    But. I do agree with your comment. The amount that can be said, regarding Windows 8, is, at this stage, somewhat limited. The daily posts, however, whilst prolific, are, in the majority, not referring to Windows 8, but are of a more general nature. Only criticism I would have, though, of your (and mine) comment, is that the awards are for forum input, in the general sense, and not neccessarily for Windows 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    is there a forum function where you can see all those pips and badges, or are you referring to the sigs and avatars?
    Reputation and Badges
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    Thanks, AEM. Missed that one!
    After seeing that, I am even more inclined to agree with the OP. The "badges" appear to be based on 5/+3 numbers of posts. Does seem a little overkill, but hopefully, the Admins and moderators pay attention to the quality of the posts also??
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    People are using, helping and developing in Windows 8 and other's are repping them for that the same they would at any of our other forums, the sytem we have here is a lot harder to achieve a badge than the other sites though due to a very low rep power cap and higher rep requirements for the badges.
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    Just because it's a pre-beta version, it doesn't mean there's no errors or bugs. If anything, there are more bugs which generates questions, which in turn generates answers which finally generates rep. The reputation people have earned even before the pre-release of Win 8 is from helping people with some of the early builds. It's pretty much the same sort of thing that happens over on SF. People need answers to questions, so others provide them.

    I do also like the new rep system. You'll notice that (with the exception of ie9) no one has anything higher than a Power User badge. It will take a lot longer to build up reputation than it normally would over on SF. Finally, the single post orientated badge we have here (Gold Member) is just something to show your commitment to the forum. Really, it isn't anything more than a badge and doesn't give you any more special privileges (as far as I know).
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    There's another mentioning of our other forums (i've read it before in another thread probably by the same person - John), besides SF and this, are there others?

    Look i know this rep system has been talked about in all corners, but my opinion is that it does NOT truely reflect the individual's knowledge in IT. You may argue otherwise but it's the truth. The system could work but i feel the way it works currently (and same in SF) it's a bit like it's not what you know it's who you know.

    So there are Admins, and Mods around that does great work in keeping these places clean and tidy and we need to trust them to do the right think. In saying that, i would put it to these people to do the repping and not just the locals.

    There should be a guideline put in place for the Admins/Mods to rep people and precisely how many points per rep. This guideline will be fair for everyone who has helped contribute to the forum in helping others solve issues, and rightfully deserves the recognition. But how do they know when to rep? When a local Report the thread to be deserving of repping. There should be a max rep reporting per thread say 5, and after that no more rep to be given for that thread.

    What do you think?
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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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    Apart from SF and EF, John has created one other forum, VF or Vista Forums. That was the first forum made Designer Media Ltd. (John's company) and I believe it was created in 2005.

    As for the repping system, I honestly think it's fine the way it is. You come to a forum looking to help people. Rep shouldn't matter in the slightest if your sole purpose of helping people is to solve their problems rather then get a fancy, virtual badge. It's a reward or an extra more then anything. Getting rep and by extension, getting badges is simply a way to recognise those who are helpful.

    As for it's who you know rather than what you know, I can't say I agree with that either. I rep whenever I see a helpful post. The advice does not necessarily have to be correct, it doesn't even have to work. As long as the poster means well and wants to help the OP, they deserve the rep. Sometimes you get repped, sometimes you don't, that's just how it works. Not everything you do in this world goes unrecognised but I have to say, a lot of it does. As long as you feel good that you've helped someone, that's what matters. There are forums that don't even have a rep or badge system and yet users give advice and continue to assist others.

    To be honest, I can't say I have much experience with computers being only 13 years of age. And yet I still try to help where I can. You don't need to know much to learn. The majority of things I've learnt about computers are from asking questions and reading articles, posts, tutorials etc. Even if I make an amazing post and it goes completely unnoticed, that's fine. I might make a decent post and have someone rep me that time.

    But I do agree with your statement:

    but my opinion is that it does NOT truely reflect the individual's knowledge in IT.
    Well, it doesn't really. I have three gold pips over on SF which is more than a lot of people who are a lot more technologically inclined than me. Once again, it's just a reward for what you've done on that specific forum as opposed to what you know. I could know when time began but I can't expect to be recognised for it on SF unless I post it, can I?

    Well, that's my two cents. Sorry for the rant.
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    Are you only 13? Ok your oppinion don't count....heheh j/k.

    Btw, it's not the reward that i too was ranting bout, it's the method of getting the rewards two different things la.
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    Well said JaidynM

    At some point rep does become irrelevant.

    I have been involved with sites that dont use rep, ones that use "likes", and those that do nothing. I can say I favor this system because of Johns' continuous refining of the rep system.

    Like with anything leadership makes the difference.

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A question for the Admins and Mods here in 8 Forums?
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