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  • I don't own any. I'm wired alright!

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  • 1 to 3. 2 cords streached to the couch is a tripping hazard.

    4 36.36%
  • 4 to 6. I can't sit still, the air is my desk.

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  • 7 to 10. My friends say I'm unleashed!

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  • 10 or more. Nothing ties my down!

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    Wireless, Wireless, Wireless

    I've been thinking, wireless is all over the place.

    But is it all its talked up to be? Is wireless the new "fad"?

    I am the current owner of:
    • Wireless HP 3050 Printer
    • Cisco Wireless Router (2.4GHz Only)
    • Netgear Wifi Extender
    • Wireless HP keyboard and mouse
    • Xbox 360 (wireless controllers)
    • Netbook (Wireless off)
    • Smartphone (Sprint For the Win / Wifi-3G enabled)

    Ok so I have wireless stuff, big deal right?

    Ok think about this, all the interference and "Noise" from all these devices. I have considered wireless video for my next build. But I see problems for lag since I live in such a wireless-busy house. All things considered at times I thing our world has cut the cord too soon and we have forgotten that our cable friends can still work just as hard if not better than their wireless rivals.

    In a data setting, I found this actually quite shocking. I was to disable and destroy a 320GB hard drive full to the brim. Both the bad HDD and the target drives were matched for specs, With wireless set to cap at 300mbps peak and only peaking at 1MB/s... Wait a minute?? That isn't even mathematically correct...

    So hooked the ethernet up to peak at 100mbps, and sure enough even though wireless was at 100%, the ethernet was transferring at 10MB/s peak. However, because I was rushed, in the end I had transferred over eSATA and peaked over 45MB/s.

    In a sound setting via Bluetooth for my phone. I still have faith in Bluetooth but it needs major refinement to withstand interference in a very busy wireless environment, heck even my ex-friend's PS3 remote and controllers were having problems being next to a 5GHz router. When we turned the 5GHz off everything returned to normal.

    Now maybe it was issues with channel interference and I really started understanding channels until end of 2010, but I'm looking at everything that still operates on the 2.4 to 5GHz band. Unfortunately, due to the FCC we can't explore other bands in a safe household level. Too powerful and then we reach bandwidths that can become deadly under certain circumstances.

    Anyways, here's just a quick poll to ask how many wireless devices you have. If its wireless count it, I only counted devices I personally own myself.

    Just to make it known, I'm not trying to bash or degrade having wireless objects. I am stating that I think wireless has grown too big for its shoes on current technology. I do love my wireless devices however due to not being limited by cables.

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    Non-iphone phone
    Laptop 1
    Laptop 2
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    Really aem??? A wireless TV???
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    USA, Idaho
    Posts : 1,062
    Win 8, (VM win7, XP, Vista)

    Quote Originally Posted by adntech View Post
    Really aem??? A wireless TV???
    Yes. My Mitsubishi is wireless. I can stream Netflix, Hulu, and a few others, however, I do not use it.
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    Well, I'll be. I've heard of internet TVs before but I thought they had to be wired. Seems like the newer ones are wireless as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adntech View Post
    Really aem??? A wireless TV???
    Dude where have you been? Smart TV are wireless capable, been out for a couple years i think?
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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64/Windows 8 Consumer Preview x64/Ubuntu 11.04

    An 8.5 I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aem View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by adntech View Post
    Really aem??? A wireless TV???
    Dude where have you been? Smart TV are wireless capable, been out for a couple years i think?
    I dont get out much. Nor do I go to my online store since I have a lack of cash flow.
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    Just a question. Are we considering things like garage door openers, key-less entry devices for cars, etc to be considered?
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    Aye they can, if you want, but more namely we're just counting electronics.
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