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Windows 8 not to blame for PC sales -- the STORES are

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    Windows 8 not to blame for PC sales -- the STORES are

    Hi there
    I don't know if this is normal practice in the UK but I was helping a friend to buy a laptop and went into a large PC World store.

    Well apart from the fact that 90% of the laptops on display were largish 15.6 inch screen ones everything was bolted down tight to the display so it was impossible to feel the weight of these.

    Now I travel a lot and especially if you use planes size and weight is paramount -- a decent 14 inch screen (which can be plugged into a large monitor at home) is actually far more useful than those older 15.6 and 17 inch monsters.

    I did see 3 smaller 14 inch screen "Ultrabook" types -- but just trying to hold them started all sorts of alarm bells and whistles in the store -- and also it was almost impossible to turn them around to see what type of connections they had (for example mini / standard HDMI or how many USB3 ports) or where the connections were --on the side or at the back etc. These sorts of things are important when choosing a laptop.

    Finally all 3 of the ultrabook models WERE OUT OF STOCK !!!!! no notice on the display so a whole afternoon wasted -- A total text book example of HOW NOT TO SELL A product.

    We then went over to an APPLE store -- no problem whatsoever --play with the devices as much as you want -- well my friend then bought an "Air book" which he's as pleased as punch with even though he paid nearly 850 GBP for it which was a lot more than he intended to. Running Parallels he can get windows to work as a VM as well.

    If PC stores are selling (or NOT SELLING) stuff like PC world (only one of the largest physical computer retail stores in the UK) then you can't blame windows for the drop in PC sales.

    Apart from making you feel like a criminal as soon as you walk into the store, and giving you about as much access to the product as the CIA would have given the old KGB back in cold war days to their latest gadgets not having STOCK when customers have the money in their pocket and want to buy is totally and utterly STUPID.

    (Believe it or not -- it might cost a little more but for shopping in the UK try John Lewis -- even for computers !! -- and if the item has just gone out of stock they will offer you the display model at a discount too). I don't know if John Lewis stores are a different type of enterprise but the whole shopping experience is "on a different planet" compared with PC world - a much more pleasurable experience all round -- and coming from a person who hates shopping even for Beer and Milk that's praise indeed.

    So it's not all Ms's or Windows 8's fault that sales of PC's are significantly down -- having outlets like PC world around just puts the boot in as far as I can see -- hideous atmosphere, nothing in stock, can't decently inspect goods, staff can't speak English decently and don't know anything about their products other than pushing "Extended warranties" or extra "A/V software" that you don't need or want.


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    i would have to agree with you jimbo pc world is not a good place for shopping, due to the problems you mentioned.

    it is not just pc world and computers this happens with. I was wanting to buy a new road bike and I was looking to spend £1000 - £1500 on one and the local bike shop didn't seem to care, I went in repeatingly and they wouldn't order the bike I wanted, in the end I gave up and ordered it online.

    also when I was buying the windows 8 oem dvd I walked into a local computer shop and asked if they had it and the sales person said don't think so I asked if they had windows 7 Home premium and he said yes and then just walked off and about minute later shouted yes they do have windows 8 and when I asked for the price it was more expensive than else where and started putting it in the till before I said if I wanted it or not. I didn't like his attitude so went elsewhere

    people spend hundreds if not thousands on products and the sales people just don't care anymore. it is totally stupid and you would think the company would like a big sale.
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    If you go into Best Buy in the USA, (i do not know if there is is a best buy outside the usa) they allow you to touchy feely the laptops and other electronics they have displayed. Yes it is tied down but if you really want to feel its weight it is tied down with a long cable and you can pick it up and feel its weight.
    You can sit there for hours testing the ones there (unless of course someone else wants to have a look at it then of course you need to give them some time also). Staples here also allows you to touchhy feely, their electronic equipment.
    Here if it is not in stock you can order it online and save shipping by having it sent to the store or pay the shipping and it is shipped to you. Both stores will order it online for you. I have never had a problem with the sales people at either store, most are curtious and helpful. Again as long as you are not going in there at peak times and they are very busy then you have to wait.
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    In the Staples here most of the laptops were in trays with a big lock bar across the top of them. There was no way to pick them up or look at the back or even sides for that matter. The anti theft tray hid all that from sight. About a third of them wouldn't turn on and half of those that would were password protected.
    In the Future Shop they were mostly tethered to an alarm. I managed to look at 3 before an alarm went off when I moved one to look at the back. When I finally did find one I wanted to buy I couldn't get anybody to wait on me. I ended up ordering it online.
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    too bad you cannot come to the usa,, because as said I send my clients to the two stores all the time so they can "touchy Feely"
    the laptops and tablets prior to them deciding what they want to purchase
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