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Using smartphones during sex and in the shower beyond BYOD

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    Using smartphones during sex and in the shower beyond BYOD

    There are many places where smartphone use is appropriate and there are those where it is not. And there are a few gray areas too. It's all too common these days to see people at concerts using cell phones to take pictures or to video their favorite bands. I've seen cell phone use during movies, during church, during children's events, during mealtime, and while driving. I almost hate smartphones because of their abuse but when I read a story from Mashable titled, "1 in 10 Americans Use Smartphones During Sex*," I think it's time to setup some rules and draw some boundaries. The survey results conjure a whole new meaning of "bring your own device."

    I thought I'd seen and heard it all when it came to cell phone use but I guess that I'm wrong. It seems that people have no manners, boundaries, or sense of self regarding cell phone use.
    Read more at: Using smartphones during sex and in the shower beyond BYOD | ZDNet

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    That's hilarious. I would add "in the restroom" to the list of places one should NOT use a cell phone. I've seen it done a number of times.

    Emergencies are an exception, of course, but some people need to just put the phone away for a while.
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    I think cell phone use gives rude, self-centered people an additional way to be rude and self-centered.
    I think it is often the result of insecurity. It might be cell phones and tablets are actually causing it.
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    It's hilarious except for the idea that the author wants to dictate to me when and where I can use my smartphone. If I wish to record my kid's school play using my smartphone, who is the author to say otherwise? He says it should only be done if your "real camera" was forgotten or the battery dies. Really? I'll decide that. If a couple wishes to take pictures or video during their sex sessions, what business is it of the author's? He says you shouldn't use your smartphone during mealtime. Really? That's the one on his list that I have actually done. I've done things like take pics or video during Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, birthday dinners, etc...
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    BYOD or BSOD?
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