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What Are You Listening To? [2]

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    Try these:

    The Plimsouls--"Now"

    The Michael Guthrie Band--"Forever"

    The Rain Parade--"Talking In My Sleep"

    The Keys--"I Don't Wanna Cry"

    The Dream Syndicate--"Halloween"

    The Raspberries--"Ecstasy"

    The Secrets--"It's Your Heart Tonight"

    Pezband--"Close Your Eyes"
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    Sorry, I forgot the Aussies! Here are three bands from Australia.

    Zimmermen--"Don't Go to Sydney"

    Garden Path--"Into the Clouds"

    Spikes--"Flashback to Acid Beach"
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    Dragon Drop, to post the videos so they display in your posts, click on the little filmstrip icon in the posting header

    Paste the complete youtube address in the box that opens

    You'll end up with this



    A Guy
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    A Guy
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    Happy Tax Day!

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    Yes, thanks, I know you can post the video itself. But the records I like tend to be obscure ones, and most of them don't even have a real video on YouTube.

    In the 1980's I made cassette recordings of something like 300 records. They're gone now, but I still have a list of some of them, and I went hunting for them on YouTube. The few that I found were those I posted.

    BTW, is there any way to save files from YouTube (just the audio) without breaking any laws?
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    Here's the rest of my list. This time I'm identifying them for you.

    Paul Collins' Beat--"Dreaming"

    The Stems--"Love Will Grow"

    The Vipers--"I Got You"

    The Late Show--"Hey Sue"

    The Single Bullet Theory--"Dead End Again"

    The Records--"Hearts In Her Eyes"

    The Riff Doctors--"I Don't Wanna Go Back"

    Anthony Meynell--"The Youth of Today Are Gonna Make It"

    The Prisoners--"Threw My Heart Away"

    The Real Kids--"All Kindsa Girls"

    The Plimsouls--"Great Big World"

    The Secret Service--"As the World Turns"

    The Keys--"If It's Not Too Much"

    Jim Basnight--"I Want To Be Yours"

    The Rain Parade--"What She's Done to Your Mind"
    (The rare ORIGINAL version!)

    Plan 9--"Frustration"

    And here are a few that YouTube doesn't have, just in case you want to try and find them:
    The Act--"Zero Unidentified"
    The Glenn Phillips Band--"Phoebe"
    The United States of Existence--"Something About the Way"
    Big Help--"New People"
    The Skunks--"Still the Same"
    Jon and the Nightriders--"Splashback"
    The Lyres--"I Confess"
    The Slickee Boys--"Pushin' My Luck"
    Reptiles at Dawn--"We've Come to Play"
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    Save audio legally, unsure on that, it's often done...Doubt those old songs are available for purchase, or the groups would object to you having them

    A Guy
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