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    I'm wondering if this "family" think is going to be a very restricted list. Like a 1 time and done kinda thing.

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    That's a good way to flip the coin around.

    I still think many will feel that customer unfriendly DRM measures will outweigh any positives.
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    My question is, if they say you can trade it in then how does that help the next person? Do they have to pay reatil again to gey a valid key to install and play?

    They seem to be not answering this question. I wonder if reatilers like Game exchange and Game Stop will even mess with this system other than selling it?

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    for the used games aspect (total separate from the game sharing plan), the details are murky. the only solid point is the publishers get the decide how strict or loose the rules are for that game. if they don't want to block used games, then it's not blocked.

    Phil Harrison said a scenario. you go to your friend's house (again, not talking about the family/friends share plan at all), stick in the disc and install it. then you guys play the game. you go home. If your friend wants to continue playing it, he can but after an hour, it will ask him if he wants to continue playing it and that he would have to buy the game at that point (unless of course you drive out there again to play with him).

    Major Nelson was posed an interesting question by Angry Joe who asked about CD Projekt RED's The Witcher 3 game. CD Projekt RED has been anti-DRM of any kind but yet is releasing the game for Xbox One. If CD Projekt RED did not want DRM and wanted people to be able to pass the game back and forth and sell it freely, would they be allowed to do so? He replied that Microsoft would follow their wishes. However, Major Nelson is not a policy maker. He's more a liason between Microsoft and fans.

    but so many murky details so it's not much point to elaborate about that. for me, it's not an issue. I don't use Gamefly (always felt they were a ripoff since you had to wait a couple months for the popular games). I don't sell to Gamestop (they give nothing for your game and turn around and sell it for a ton). I just don't sell my games because it's nice to have a library and I'm not hard up for money. I do buy used games from Gamestop (if people want to sell their games for nothing, I can reap some of the benefit; some great under $15 titles at Gamestop).

    It's the Gamefly people that hurt the most since there's no rental agreement in place. Gamefly is going to have to sign an agreement and give a cut to the publishers if they want Xbox One stuff.

    I'm sure Gamestop is going to be one of those "participating retailers" that they mentioned.
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    looks like Steam is going to do something similar to Microsoft. looking like Sony is the only one not allowing game sharing:

    Steam could allow for game sharing between friends in the future | Polygon

    Valve may be planning a new feature for digital download service Steam that will allow users to share their game library with friends, according to code spotted in the latest Steam client beta as reported by Kotaku.

    Similar to Microsoft's plans for its Xbox One console, the Steam code suggests users will be able to share owned titles but will not allow users to play the shared games at the same time.

    "Just so you know, your games are currently in use by %borrower%. Playing now will send %borrower% a notice that it's time to quit," reads a line of code for one dialogue prompt. Another reads: "This shared game is currently unavailable. Please try again later or buy this game for your own library."

    Valve is yet to officially announce sharing and it is unknown whether all developers will be required to allow Steam titles to be shared. We have contacted Valve for comment and will update when further information is made available.
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