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Is Windows 8 only temporary?

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    Is Windows 8 only temporary?

    I was cleaning up my work laptop running Windows 8 Pro and noticed that Microsoft shows that I can remove 117GB worth of "temporary" files from 117GB C drive. What are they trying to say here, about their OS and everything installed in it?

    Click image for larger version

    I thought this was funny. If I don't post again tonight, it's probably because I clicked on OK and it wiped out my entire computer.

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    That's funny. I will boot into 8 and see if I get the same.
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    Disk cleanup seems to be working ok for me.
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    I've used disk clean up numerous times before I've never seen this happen
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    What happens if you tell it to go ahead and cleanup ?
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    Nothing, it ran but I was unable to discern any difference.
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    That's a lot of temp files... Were you installing a lot of programs?
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    That's strange and never seen it But yes, if you go by pattern, windows 8 will be temporary. Windows got failed after every successful release. Windows 7 is successful and so win 8 should fail right? just kiddin', but pattern is right
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    I just went in there, and I don't get any screens that show what I CAN delete, the Disk Cleanup simply runs and does whatever the frell it does...
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