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My personal opinion is that we have gone too far in somebranches of science. I have a big problem with Cloning. We better be verycareful.
Anything and everything could be used for good or evil. For example, since this is a tech forum I point out that the douchebag that stole my identity bought the info from a hacker. Took me weeks to get it straighten out with the credit card companies.

Cloning is a good thing if done properly. We could extend people's lives by replacing their organs. Some people keep their cars running on and on and on for millions of mileage because they keep replacing the parts with fresh new parts. We can do the same with the human body.

I think it has to do with common sense. Cloning body parts is a good thing. Cloning people with the possibility of developing into sentient beings for experimentation or organ harvesting is a bad thing.

A lot of people are often confused by simple logic like the one above. For example, people often chant about how war is always bad. It makes a good soundbite. Does anyone actually argue that the US shouldn't have entered WW2?

I think science should pursue cloning technology. There's a lot of potential for good. People just need to use common sense to know which line not to cross.

That said, I think they should clone a mammoth, if not for anything than to study a prehistoric creature.