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    Goodintentions wrote:
    Tech reviewers (most are apple fans anyway) sometimes use this tactic to praise apple. I remember seeing a few comparison between the ipad and "android tablet" articles. When I zoomed into the pictures, I was stunt to find one of those cheap Chinese made no-name tablets. Rather than using one of the higher end android tablets, they had to use a no-name tablet to compare to the ipad. Says a lot about the tech review industry.
    I must be one of the lucky ones, I actually own a cheap Chinese knock-off tablet (7" Pendo Pad 4, Ice-cream Sandwich) and I've found it to be quite good. It doesn't crash, and everything works (and keeps working). Its one 'failing' is a rubbish camera, but I don't use it for photography so it isn't an issue.

    Admittedly my mobile computing needs are minimal, but it's more than adequate for what I, personally, use it for (e-book reader, entertainment while travelling, net-radio, and email/posting on forums). Any and all 'serious' computing is done on the i7/Win 8 lappy. My type and amount of tablet-usage could in no way justify the purchase price of an iPad, nor do I believe that the experience would necessarily be any better.


    EDIT: I'm not certain, but I believe it's manufactured by ZTE (my Android phone is, and the quality/price ratio is very good).

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    Whenever there is an iPad release I can walk into my local electrical retailer at 5pm on release day and pick one up off the shelf, it's now 5? months since the surface pro went on sale and I'm still unable to buy one in the UK.......Huge fail for Microsoft.
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    South Coast NSW, Australia
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    John, I've not seen one here in Aus yet, either. Certainly not in my area.

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    You won't, as far as I'm aware the surface pro is only on sale in the USA ATM, whereas I can buy an iPad or android tab pretty much anywhere in the world, if msft were really serious about cracking the tablet market the first thing they should do is sack everybody involved in the distribution planing and poach the apple staff that know what they are doing.
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    Here is the Surface release dates for some countries outside the US:
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    Somebody should explain to Microsoft it's a global market, staged releases are for the 90s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r010 View Post
    Better at what?

    Better at making phones and tablets then the answer is Apple.

    Better at making OS's, productivity software and game consoles then it's Microsoft.
    I could not have said that better
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    I'm not an Apple fan. I resisted for many years. But, I have an iPhone5 and an iPad and they work well. But, my PC's are all Windows based. I have a recording studio and use Win 7 64 bit and Sonar X2 Producer 64 bit for my recording "DAW" software. Sonar is windows only so the Mac people have to run Windows to use it (and there are many that are).

    Mac's are way overpriced.
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    It is sad that others cannot get a surface pro.

    I've got the one back at work, a few people tried it but all returned it to it wasn't for them. I rarely use it either. Mostly sits and collects dust.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Again, this is an unfair comparison. Lower end android phones are usually overworked, underpowered devices with very low ram. Of course users of these devices are used to pulling out the battery. But here's the thing. Have you ever had an iphone battery go bad? Higher end android phones don't need battery pulled. I had my S3 for half a year (before it got stolen) and all that time never once did I have to pull the battery for technical reasons. I replaced the battery twice for high capacity, though.
    I've got an s3 and have had to pull my battery on a few occasions. We have had droid razrs also have to have battery pulls. And Motorola droid 1, 2 and 3 at work. None of these are cheap phones.

    I never bought an iphone as the non replaceable battery for me has always been a showstopper.
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