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    Apple , I can't even buy a new laptop with window 8, I went through four laptops from Staples th last one I even paid the hundred bucks for them to set it up I really only need it for Netflix and I-tunes. Brought every one back, mainly due to Netflix not working . It would play for a few minutes than picture would freeze than laptop crashed. Looked in event viewer there would be a 30 lines worth of registry errors, ALL UPDATES DONE. My little ipad be right next to it plaing Netlfix fine. how long berfo 8 works?

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    That is separate question - already answered. Post 3.

    Quote Originally Posted by Narayan View Post
    Hey John, You have Got A Apple MacBook , I have seen it in your "PC" Album in your Profile. So how is it? Is it better than your Desktop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narayan View Post
    Hey John, You have Got A Apple MacBook , I have seen it in your "PC" Album in your Profile. So how is it? Is it better than your Desktop?
    My Macbook air is a great piece of portable hardware, obviously it's not as good as my desktop which has more power and monitors but both run Windows 8.
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    Desktop Market - MS
    Mobile Market - Apple

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    It Microsoft because in apple there is a finder in apple. Microsoft has a bar that shows all in one area without clicking buttons I'm speaking from a win Xp computer. In tablets apple is better. Phones Microsoft is better I'm saying APPLE IS LAME
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    Well, I've used devices on all sides of the fences.

    First of all, the notion that apple devices don't crash and are more stable is purely a result of marketing and clever programming. Apple devices crash just as often as everything else, if not more. The reason people think apple devices don't crash is because (1) apple each year dumps more money into their marketing than anyone else and (2) when something crashes apple system doesn't show an error message telling you something just crash. This is a simple case of sweeping dirt under the rug.

    There is actually a 3rd explanation, but it requires some more explaining.

    A lot of current apple users are ex-PC or android users. Why did they make the migration? I've talked to over a dozen of them and have found the same pattern in every case. So, I suspect that this reflects a lot of apple users at large. What did they all have in common? They all started out buying the cheapest PC or the cheapest android device they could find. And once they find this device lacking, they decided that PC and/or android wasn't good and went for apple. Since apple doesn't give you a cheap option, you only have the choice to buy high end devices. So, for these people, their first impression of a PC is that cheap 400 netbook with low res and low processing power. And their first impression of android is that $50 device from a no-name Chinese maker. They then use these first impressions against the MacBook or the iphone.

    So, the apple integration of software and hardware because they're from the same company is pure myth perpetuated by apple. Apple components are not made by apple.

    As far as the OP's question, my vote would go for MS. Think of how many machines and how many types of hardware windows can run on? Apple only has a hand full of devices they have to support. MS has thousands of different types of devices they have to support. There's simply no comparison.
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    You cannot pull a battery on an iphone, but you never have to. Android users and BlackBerry users are very used to this action.

    I do agree that people often compare the cheap low-end pc stuff with the high cost Apple stuff and that really isn't a good comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    You cannot pull a battery on an iphone, but you never have to. Android users and BlackBerry users are very used to this action.
    Again, this is an unfair comparison. Lower end android phones are usually overworked, underpowered devices with very low ram. Of course users of these devices are used to pulling out the battery. But here's the thing. Have you ever had an iphone battery go bad? Higher end android phones don't need battery pulled. I had my S3 for half a year (before it got stolen) and all that time never once did I have to pull the battery for technical reasons. I replaced the battery twice for high capacity, though.

    Have you ever had an iphone battery go bad? This happened to my friend. Cost him $80 to have it replaced. Replacing a simple battery shouldn't cost that much.

    I do agree that people often compare the cheap low-end pc stuff with the high cost Apple stuff and that really isn't a good comparison.
    Tech reviewers (most are apple fans anyway) sometimes use this tactic to praise apple. I remember seeing a few comparison between the ipad and "android tablet" articles. When I zoomed into the pictures, I was stunt to find one of those cheap Chinese made no-name tablets. Rather than using one of the higher end android tablets, they had to use a no-name tablet to compare to the ipad. Says a lot about the tech review industry.
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    I voted Apple since they stole the GUI w/mouse interface idea before Microsoft did.
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    Microsoft. OBVIOUSLY.

    The only thing I will give apple is customer support and service. Microsoft is sketchy there. But I would to see how Microsoft's retail stores function to make a full assessment of how well they service things as well as customers. Online support is quite sucky.

    OS wise, apple's ios is bland for my taste, and too restrictive by default. Even ios 7 is supposed to be just black, white and flat. They are pulling mac os engineers to put together ios 7. Last time they did that was at first launch of the iphone... mac os just looks gross, WAY too much skeuomorphic design, it's enough to give your grandparents as they will appreciate leather stitching. Also, apple isn't so much a software company as they are hardware. They do make good hardware, software doesn't complement it well enough design wise. I believe Windows 8 would look SO much cleaner on a macbook than mac os. Microsoft Windows 8 wins this.

    Surface tablets are supreme. Enough said. If I wanted a giant ipod touch, I would need shite eyesight and too much money to spend to send emails. Windows Phone is SO much better than ios, except app availability. That gap is being covered up quickly though, some big names have made it to Windows Phone 8, third party developers are taking it upon themselves to cover the rest. Metrotube is an amazing youtube app that google won't EVER match in any realm. Insdagram is that one piss filter app of Instagram that for some reason people want. I found it to be a plus for Windows Phone. But ONE developer made a FULL FLEDGED client Instagram app, made over 50,000 dollars at least in a week with the app costing 1.49 and then later a free version. ONE DEVELOPER. Wow.

    Product quality is murky, but I'll use the Surface tablets. They're pretty well built, they have their minor flaws, but overall rather excellent. OEM products with Windows, that's questionable.

    Video games, umm...yeah, Microsoft Windows.

    Driver availability, Microsoft Windows FOR SURE.

    Technology wise, Microsoft. AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, and ARM complaint. mac os won't support a macbook from 2007. Windows 8 can run on an xp era PC usually quite fine. Sometimes graphics or NAE support won't be there, but a lot of the times it will be. More device capability and support over mac and ios. More innovation is done hardware wise that Windows can use that mac os won't ever, or apple won't ever support.

    Look and visual style, I say Microsoft considering their hardware designs of their peripherals, Xbox One, Surface tablets, Kinect, and keyboards, ect. apple is pretty good at clean and simple design, but not innovative. Something like the Lenovo Yoga can't and won't ever happen in the apple camp. Windows 8 is the most drastic change of UI since GUI computing began. It's not based around iconography, it's about contenography. Where apple made strides in clean and simple hardware, they have failed on the software front. A tablet shouldn't look like it has depth or lighting effects with its software.

    Virus and malware, Microsoft Windows 8. For the FIRST time however, Windows isn't on a list of security vulnerabilities anywhere. Kaspersky Labs claimed that I believe. They also have said that mac os x security wise is equivalent to Windows xp I think SP1 or pre SP1. Wow. It's true that mac os doesn't get the same viruses as Windows, because the ones that macs get can and will TOTALLY crippled the whole OS. That used to happen many years ago with Windows, usually these days malware on Windows causes glitches and issues, not something that has to be reinstalled. Usually.

    Microsoft has outspent apple in terms of R&D. They have a whole Research branch of the company where some interesting stuff comes out. Things like the Midori OS concept is probably trickling down to Windows. Bing for example is being invested terribly with by Microsoft so they can have a native online search branch from Windows, Windows Phone, and to Xbox. They continually improve and tweak things for the form factor it's being used on.
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