Part of the new interface design Microsoft has been working on in bits and pieces that have been found is the Natural User Interface. It is three parts, touch, speech, and gesture. If you look at the four main products of Microsoft, you'll find parts of these in action. Xbox features speech and gesture, Windows Phone touch and speech, Bing uses speech as well as touch on certain instances, and Windows can pretty much do all the above with some third party support like Leap Motion. The NUI is how the future of computing interaction will go, no more mouse, only NUI.

Nonetheless, the Leap Motion is freaking cool! WOW! It's just thoroughly impressive! I'm still trying to get over the fact it's supposed to retail at around 80 US dollars and has more precision than a current Kinect sensor for MUCH less and can be easily used as a main input. Now what I'm still trying to find out is how FAR away you can use it, I want to be able to use it at least five feet away from my PC. My personal ideal setup will be to have a touch monitor (for those who don't read or don't know, a drawing easel type touch monitor is my preference), a Leap Motion sensor, and a good microphone. That way I can use touch for when I want to get more personal, motion gesture for when I feel fat and lazy, and speech when I want to tell my PC to stop acting weird.