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Me make-a poll about Start button

View Poll Results: Upset if Start go to Modern Metro instead of old way?

20. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes

    9 45.00%
  • No

    11 55.00%
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    Viewing through Windows 7, me like-a-discuss 8 though

    Me make-a poll about Start button

    Me want to say this without dictating your answer. I want to be fair to get clear picture. No skew your view before answer, so poll created in simple terms and no steering you.

    You vote is no show to public. I set that way.

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    I'm not upset because I already purchased Start8 from Stardock and the system is working exactly as I want it to.
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    That is not really what he is asking.

    If all those using 3rd party menus say it wouldn't bother them- because they are using a 3rd party menu, that will give a very strange result.
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    Ok, sure for Microsofts knowledge, yes I want the menu. I don't want the start screen. At least not yet. I don't use a single new UI application..they are terrible...very limited, cannot be resized, take entire screen (or some wacky percentage of the screen).

    On both of my Windows 8 machines, i've purchased Start8...because that is what I want. Not this new Start Screen. Booooo.
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    I've read the question about 10 times now and still have no idea what he's asking
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    If M$ put a start button to the metro screen I and my workers would love to see the person that made that choice. See M$ run.
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    A after market app does not mess up the poll, it show a reason why people would not care if MS provides one or not. I will be interested to see if bringing back the start button will increase Microsoft sales, I am a firm believer that it is the manufactures fault. When I walk into a best buy a majority of computers there are not set up to provide the user the correct experience since a majority are not even touch screen and it wouldn't kill most of them to build a laptop like the Yoga with a hinge that makes the laptop into a tablet. Further more there are free start menu button apps they could pre install but they don't, but they make sure you have ten other pieces if bloat ware installed that could secure additional software sales that only use up HDD space and slow the system down which provides less of a user experience.

    My answer is no it would not bother me, there are after market apps to fix the problem at hand and if it is a start menu button that is slowing PC sales down then I blame the manufacture for not being smart enough to use some of the aftermarket apps which some are open source to help boost sales.
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    I have just been to John Lewis - the big one.

    There was only one person near the windows stand.

    He wanted to buy a light 13 in or so laptop.

    Not at all interested in touch on that.

    He didn't like the look of 8 much.

    Without any prompting from me - he said why isn't there a menu down on the left where you can get to everything you want?

    The other thing he wanted was to use Skype.

    I asked the salesman - are people buying 8 machines?

    He replied - "that is all there is."

    I was there a good 20 mins. I am sure he bought one of them in the end - didn't hang around to find out which.
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    Personally I think polls should always have the options of yes, no, maybe, and I don't care. Otherwise the results can be skewed by people trying to pigeonhole their opinions or not voting at all.

    That being said, I'm happy with Start screen but. I wish there was something more like the hierarchical start menu for quick access to all of the various desktop applications and their independent components.
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    I will continue to use Classic Shell, as I find it useful and convenient...
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