... And from There, into Azure, so I signed up for a free 3 months trial. It's GREAT.

I was trying to find a Hyper-V which could run in Windows 7, but I could nto find it, it was saying I needed IIS 7.0, and all I could find was 7.5. I don't even know why it said I needed that. Finally I just downloaded the old "Windows SP Mode" and Virtual Machine for Windows 7, I installed that and it serves the purpose I had in mind - I have a 64 bit Windows 7 but the Server Package I need to install is 32 bit only, So I can install it to XP Mode and it can be served to the rest of the 64 bit machines down on the farm.

But I got sidetracked with this Webmatrix stuff, I just had to keep going to see what it was, and all I can say it is the EASIEST Web Making program I've ever used. And it transferred my site in seconds when I had it ready.

Now this is something really great about Windows 8, I can design my Blog site or any site I want, with Any controls I want, using Webmatrix, and all I have to do is import it into Azure. BOOM, published. Here is my first meager offering, I downloaded Wordpress, created a Wordpress account for the page, Designed a POS page, and posted it, took about 15 minutes:


It's great! First I installed IIS, then I was able to install Webmatrix - MAN, it does just about everything. I can totally update my bad website using the tools - I have been stuck using basic Flash controls for Video Playback, which sucks cos I can't see the site on a Device.

and it's really cheap for the low use I expect, 100mb of storage for my controls, 5 GB bandwidth, and I can change it cos it's "pay as you go"

WebMatrix 3

The odd thing, was I could not download the installation file until I had installed IIS services, or maybe on this machine, I have the filetype blocked by Eset 6 which I just installed.

I hope I can use it to make my band site look cool, cos I basically such at webdesign.