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The $50,000,000,000 Apple ?

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    The $50,000,000,000 Apple ?

    I'm going to presume that it's ok to mention this without including any links?

    I was snickering to myself tonight, when I received the email from Apple, announcing the Big Apple $10,000 App Store gift card prize giveaway, for the lucky app downloader who hits that magic 50,000,000,000th download.

    Finally one of us lucky contestants gets to "win" most of our money back, only to spend on more nonsense and useless stuff to clutter our desk tops and work spaces with. Smile

    A shame Mr.Jobs didn't live long enough to see it turn over, to that magic marker.
    But then, he missed out on seeing his custom yacht too, when it was finally completed recently as well.

    I'm an honestly happy iPad 3 user, who has also recently graduated from a Pentium III, 500 MHz computer, with a 13 GB Hard drive, running Windows XP, to my new HP ENVY Phoenix listed below.

    I'm Not really Pro or Con of any/either one yet!
    I do like the convenience the iPad offers and it's screen resolution is incredible.
    All though for more involved processing, the ENVY 'puter wins hands down.


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    Too bad the prize is money instead of getting something from Apple only, believe me they are not loosing money on this one
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    How very true

    Hi robin,
    It's true, they always win, all-ways!!

    They're are also offering these:

    $500 App Store Gift Cards to each of the next 50 customers who download an app.*

    Good Luck!! to all who dare enter...

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    The Countdown Clock

    Something new, in the Apple App Store website. There is now an App Download counter.
    The Count is over 49,351,450,000 and turning over at an incredible rate...

    I figure the winning downloader and 50 runners up, will all be discovered very soon.

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