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Anyone ever heard of this about typing speed in the office

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    Anyone ever heard of this about typing speed in the office

    So, we had a little family reunion a couple weeks ago. My parents, my brother, sister, and myself visited my brother. At one point, we needed to search for something on the internet, so my brother proceeded to his computer and typed really really slowly.

    I was puzzled because the brother I remembered was a fast typer. He graduated with an IT degree, worked in the industry for the last 2 decades. He is now a project manager at his company.

    Anyway, I just watched in awe as he continued to type really really slowly with the 2 finger pecking system. Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore so I asked him what's up with the excruciatingly slow typing?

    Well, he said that as he started moving up the corporate ladder, he's taken advice from other people and started forcing himself to type slow. Why? Because secretaries type fast. Bosses type slow.

    Have you guys ever heard of this? Do people really intentionally force themselves to type slower as they move up the corporate ladder?

    Thinking about it, I really do remember that every manager I've ever seen type really slow. Sometimes excruciatingly slow. Do they really type that slow or have they at some point forced themselves to type that slow?

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    Been in the corporate executive management world for 30+ years and never heard or seen this. I could see this type of attitude in the 80's and before, but not today. I'm a moderately fast touch typer and it never hampered me from being CEO and COO of several companies.
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    I certainly have never purposely slowed down my typing. The only thing that has slowed me down are these damn touchscreens and such. On a standard keyboard and monitor, I type as fast as I possibly can.
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    If the boss makes his decision on the person that he wants to move up the later by how slow he types, it would make me wonder about the intelligence of the boss. But to answer the question, no I have never heard of that.
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    That's got to be the most oddest thing I've ever heard....

    I type real quickly with my keyboard. I tap type real swiftly on a tablet PC without needing too much adjustment. I tap type on my Windows Phone real quick. I'm trying to get to the point where I don't need to stare at the keyboard, but can type like I normally do on my PC.

    Just an odd trait to carry on.
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    The only reason I think why it would be viable is to give you time to think how you want to phrase things, and to prevent typos and other errors.

    For example, I originally typed "think" twice and only noticed it because IE highlighted the second one.

    But IE10 highlighted it.

    I assume it became a thing among people that stuck with IE 9 and it's nasty siblings that didn't have spell check.
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    Dilbert is alive and well.
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    I think it is probably because the bosses have never needed to learn to type fast. Also, they will be thinking as they type. Secretaries don't usually think about what they type - they just churn it out.

    Cokie says he is a fast typist. He has never been one to let anything as complicated as a thought process stand in the way of his posts.
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