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Do you think it's worth it for me to install win 8.1?

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    Do you think it's worth it for me to install win 8.1?

    I'm talking about the leaked version. I only want the 50/50 split screen functionality. For what I do, I really need it. Trying to work with a 75/25 is annoying, because I can't do much with 25.

    I know how to save an app and side load it in the new system. I know how to make it dual boot between the 8 and 8.1.

    You think it's worth it for me to install it? I know MS will present it in late June, and it will probably be like 5 months after that before it's available for the public.

    PS - MS should have given us the option to snap it in 50/50 from the beginning. Don't know who the moron that thought it was a good idea to only give people a 25% screen. Most apps can't function with that small of a split.

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    Hi there
    Which leaked version are you referring to : the most recent ones are -- X-86 build 9364 or x-64 build 9369 -- which can't be activated BTW.

    New builds are likely to appear regularly so I wouldn't install a leaked build as a Day to Day OS -- too many features could change or be eliminated.

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    It's not actually 75%. instead it's 320 pixels wide. So, 1 Windows is 320px and the other window is the remainder of the screen.

    I don't think I would install this leak to be your everyday machine, use it as a VM to test with.

    Do you really run a lot of immersive apps? I don't use them at all, I just all classic desktop apps, so the split isn't an issue for me. But fully customizable is the only thing that will satisfy me.
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    Well, for starter, when I write reports I like to put a movie on as well. Sometimes I'd be viewing a pdf on one side and word document on the other. That's the whole point of windows 8 tablet/laptop hybrid vs iOS and android devices. Right now, the smaller snap on is too small. Can't do anything with it.

    I'm not the only one that complains about this. Again, whoever the bonehead that thought such an uneven split is a good idea. At least give us the option!
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    ^ I understand. But I wouldn't do any of that stuff in a new immersive app when I have to choice to run a classic desktop app and resize to my liking. Thus, you could run vlc in 1 window, word in another window, IE in another window, a PDF reader in another window, etc.
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    Ok, the decision is made. Now that I know there's a way to make the ms store work in the leaked blue version, I will install it on my hp envy x2 after I back up everything of course.

    I will do that after I get my envy x2 back from hp. I'm about to send it out for repair of a broken headphone port.

    I really really really want 50/50 split. I really do.
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    You might as well get the newer 74 leak, then.

    Or wait a few days for the next.

    Looks like every 5th build is being trickled out to try and stimulate some reaction in an otherwise disinterested market.
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    I just bought a computer shipped with W8, and got mad everytime I tested something that worked like a breeze on W7.

    Over the years of using Windows you develop some competence using it, and basically following the various updates did not affect the fundamentals. It's good to use a system you feel comfortable with. Now all of those things you did almost unconsciously won't work any longer. The anger is just amazing.

    I had folders on my older computer, copied them onto the new one, the apps do not see the items --videos, images. The video maker shipped on the computer does not see my videos, even recent ones. I re-downloaded the old reliable windows movie maker, which in this new environment does not recognize the videos either. Had to copy those back to my old PC to get them to work.
    This is a hell of a waste of time. If MS want to destroy their goodwill they should keep going that way.
    Absolutely fed up with the MS policy.
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    @goodintentions : have you thought of trying ModernMix? Not tried it myself but as I understand it, it allows you to put Modern/Metro apps into windows on the Desktop.
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    Thanks David, will check this out. But not tonight, I'm ready to chew on my desk with rage...! Thanks again anyway.
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