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Killing the desktop: Can you survive in Windows 8's modern

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    Killing the desktop: Can you survive in Windows 8's modern

    Killing the desktop: Can you survive in Windows 8's modern UI alone? | PCWorld

    Ian Paul
    Apr 12, 2013 3:00 AM

    Can Windows 8ís modern UI replace the traditional desktop? Thatís the question everyoneís been asking since Microsoft released Windows 8 last October.

    Thus far, the consensus theory has been a resounding NO! There arenít enough modern apps in the Windows Store, critics point out. And the full-screen view of modern-style apps isnít conducive to PC-style multitasking, they say. And hey, the control panel is still located on the desktop!

    But so what?

    For all the gripes, no complainers have yet to answer the basic question: Even with these limitations, is it conceivable to spend all of your time in the modern UI, and shun the desktop completely?
    My opinion is no too...I am mostly a desktop user and hope the desktop remains for awhile

    Credits: PC World

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    I've taken steps to not see the new UI, I hardly ever use the Start Screen, I don't use charms, and I don't use any of the new apps. So, I would have to say, "NO, I wouldn't survive just with the new UI".
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    No. That wouldn't work for me.

    On a little consumption device, maybe , but not acceptable on a main machine.

    I blame Canonical for starting this off.

    Unity is nowhere as near as daft as what MS are up to - but still - Ubuntu have been doing it for about 3yrs now, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    I've taken steps to not see the new UI, I hardly ever use the Start Screen, I don't use charms, and I don't use any of the new apps. So, I would have to say, "NO, I wouldn't survive just with the new UI".
    So do you have a start menu replacement installed?
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    If I can't run two File Explorer app panes side by side, then no, I can't do that. There is a reported File Explorer app in Windows 8 that literally looks like the SkyDrive app, I don't use the SkyDrive app. provides MUCH better features and functionality than the app. If that's how it will be for the File Explorer app, this is not good. Ideally though, Microsoft should really try to use the Radial menu design where possible. It's like the next stage of the Ribbon UI.

    I still need to use the Desktop to edit metadata on media files so they show up correctly in a music playing app, if that can't be done easily, then that is not good. I really hope Microsoft isn't taking the metro apps in Windows 8 in the same fashion as ios where they're the same on both ipad and iphone. That would SERIOUSLY defeat the purpose here. If Windows Phone apps are the same as Windows apps and not taking the form factor's design into consideration, oh boy.... There ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE an larger approach on the new metro apps in Windows on making them feature rich, powerful, simple to access, and elegantly designed. That is the challenge.
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    My theory is that the desktop is on it's way out. We see in the leaked Blue that more of the Win32 system settings and the like have been moved to the Modern/Metro interface side. It's an indication that MS is heading totally Modern/Metro.

    After learning more of the OS I've been concentrating lately on learning the Modern apps. They've been refining them all along. With each update they are more stable and have more options added. These are mostly the MS apps I speak of, although I use others. I'm beginning to see that they are quite useful and efficient.

    However I agree with those that windowing/paning is problem. I think MS will develop a way.

    I think eventually all software will be written in the Metro/Modern interface. It will take quite a while for the transition. I can see myself surviving without the desktop.
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    Well, for now there are a few desktop apps that I need to use. But I wouldn't mind if they switch completely over to the metro interface. As long as they give me the option to split 50/50 instead of the current 75/25, I'm good.
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