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Update Android 2.3.6 to 4.2.2

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    Why would one want to install this heavy weight, overbearing useless Windows ROM on an Android phone. There are plenty of svelte Android ROMs that can do the job a lot better.
    You do realize that Windows Phone 7 (Tango update installed) runs SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO much more better and efficient on a handset that android 2 was built for? 256 MB of RAM, 800MHz single core processor, and 4 gigs of storage operates in a similar fashion to a Windows Phone handset with a 1.5 GHz single core processor, 512 MB RAM, and 16 gigs of storage, even if it's a Windows Phone 8 handset. There little difference in the user experience on a very low end Windows Phone handset and a top tier one other than boot time and app load time. The UI and interaction is similar.

    Now do this with android, you have a bloated open sourced platform with several different versions out there, most of which can never be updated to the latest version of android (usually a crapshoot as even some people I know with a GSIII always talk about if they updated to jelly bean yet) or even a version higher without an unlocked bootloader and a custom ROM and skill. All versions of android are different, all are bloated, all are fragmented, all have security issues that took Windows 15 years to accomplish; took android just a few. I have NO reason whatsoever to install android filth on a Windows Phone handset, that would be an abomination.

    The major thing with a custom Windows Phone 7 ROM is having home brew apps to provide UI tweaks and some other things like that. Maybe one day soon Windows Phone 8 itself could be on a Lumia 900, but that seems unlikely. By the way, a Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows Phone 7 handset, android would look ABSOLUTELY HIDIOUS on one of those.
    Misspelled word: Hideous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Ismail View Post
    I've been working with android rooting, flashing, or even bricking it.

    What makes me interested in it isn't what ROM is the best, but how to find so many things works after doing some messy click and push. But, generally Customized Jelly Bean ROM are best in running apps. The most thing I like from XDA cook is the combination of apollo app and DSP manager which throw the best music ever with very low freq bass filter that best to listen through my Rappo H6060 bluetooth headphone that I use to plug it for biking throughout the city every morning.

    I do have all my four smartphones and tablets are rooted and flashed with various customized ROM.

    Hey Kevin, is there anyway to tweak the Nexus 7 to support MHL? I was able to make the OTG function work by just installing the Nexus Media Importer app but there is no app to make MHL work.
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    Hi Ganie

    I'm afraid so far there is no way to have one. I've seen a long discussion on XDA-developer about the possibility to connect Nexus 7 to big screen. I do feel sorry for that. Many friends been expecting that google store come up with an app for that, but have never seen one.

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    I do very well acknowledge that Galaxy Y is not powerful enough to support heavy OS like Jelly Bean.
    Biggest problem I am having with Gingerbread is that it doesn't support Adobe Flash or Adobe Air. Therefore I get poor web experience and some of the apps are not supported, in addition with desire to have the latest OS.
    Through research I found that there are plenty of Jelly Bean custom ROM for Galaxy Y, but like I also said before I am not comfortable installing "custom" ROMs on it.
    I am not picky about 4.2.2 in particular either, 4.x.x will work.
    Anyway I've given up finding one, since there is no official stock ROM made available for it above Gingerbread.
    I might try ICS, in future, but again same problem, there won't be stock ROM for it, so its unlikely that I would do it.
    Thanks for replying.
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