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Kind of obvious... Windows EIGHT Forums...
Right on, Bro!

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I use 8, prefer 7.
LOL, Patrick. Not a slam by any means for I respect your choice as anyone's, but let's be honest here. Do you not use 8 (Metro/Win32) - 1/2 (Metro) = 7 1/2 (8 minus Metro)? Yes?

Numerically 8 is a very interesting number indeed:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8_(number) (Ugh! Not sure why the link is not copying correctly. Please follow the top link of the page that opens)

There's so much in life that we can only see through what's known as "the mind's eye". It is the spiritual aspect of our being. I'm not speaking of religion here, but rather spirituality. It is portrayed by means of our creativity. I believe man and woman were created to create and create we certainly do.

In thinking on this, 8 is a fitting and proper name for this "transitional" OS. Firstly it is two combined circles. The bottom one represents the new Modern/Metro navigational interface holding up the top one that represents the old Win32 desktop. Secondly is that it is a flowing closed loop with an intersection. That represents the "marriage" of the two.

The intersection, or "crossroads" also represents that we have come to the "crossroads" of computing within our age. Touch navigation (the quickest human interaction) and the internet or "cloud" (informational and data storage).

Although it's controversial as we see in many threads here, I think it to be rather ingenious of what MS has created. I feel it was high time for a "cool" change. I'll leave you with what I think is one of the most of many beautiful songs created and presented:

Little River Band - Cool Change LIVE - YouTube

Happy Easter to all.