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Yet another reason to not like Google

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    Maybe it is going to take something extreme like this to make the public stand up and shout.

    Angela Merkel might have something to say.

    It is also a bit of a gift for Mr Weicz.

    Odd - Google must know MS can't compete with them by building a better mousetrap - so, what else are MS going to do ?

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    And the hits keep coming....

    Beyond that there are social media marketing ideas.

    Govil told us to imagine if a famous athlete, say Serena Williams, was wearing these and automatically updates from the shoes were flowing into her social media accounts with information about how fast she was moving.

    But all of these are just ideas for the moment, ideas Google's thinking about for others as it thinks about growing its core business. "We're not getting into the shoe business," Govil said. "We are in the social network and advertising business."
    SXSW: Google's Talking Shoe Motivates You to Move | ABC News - Yahoo! News
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    They are not short of ideas.

    Wait till Tim's next adventure appears. I don't think it will be creepy.
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    Well if they could make the units communicate with one another they could sell subscriptions to a service that would block your unit from taking pictures of the subscriber :-) all sorts of money grubbing if we can get our heads together. Maybe automatically transmit your check account number so the other users can deposit royalties automatically.
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    Honestly, google glasses seems cool, but I can't really see it (no pun intended) being a mainstream thing. It's more like a neat Bluetooth accessory for your smartphone, but DEATHLY expensive for my taste or many other's as well. I don't want to be barraged with news feed information every SECOND of the day, I would rather talk face to face to someone and not have a distracting thing in the way, and it quite frankly looks weird to me. It's not.... proper? The guy that lead the design team for it says that smartphones are "emasculating" but he obviously hasn't seen what wearing glasses looks like....

    As it is right now, I could see it being used if you're walking through a busy city, driving, or doing something that would require a smartphone but you can't use your hands at the moment. But honestly when you're driving, you don't want to be terribly distracted and it's better to have a HUD than looking down at your phone, but your phone can connect to the car's info center and use a HUD in car....

    I just have to think how this can't be used in the retail environment, you're working at a register and you can have a Skype session with someone will handling a customer's transaction. Unless if the future means less physical interaction, that can't happen and won't. It's like having your phone out texting someone or talking to someone at work, it's a no no.

    Also, this REALLY makes me think. If this is the future, I can already tell you what the theme of literature of the group of purists that refuse to wear them. It's not real anymore, things get augmented so a barren space becomes this whole thing, but it's not real. We'd be living in a world where you'd literally need to be born wearing them to interact with the "real" world. It's not right, it's something that I bet Ray Bradbury would be shaming if he would be alive to see this...

    This also makes me think, what if google glasses becomes a neural implant? There was this future theorized video where people were wearing glasses like those, EVERYTHING augmented, where you can lie facedown on the floor and be skydiving in augmented reality. The scenario was that some guy was a coder for the glasses, and he was on a blind date and his blind date saw how he is a creeper and was using a Wingman app for the glasses, but then he was able to basically reprogram the night and erase that from the woman's mind.... What a warped and twisted society that will be if it happens...
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