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The Surface Pro arrived

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    The Surface Pro arrived

    Now, if I complain, it's from first hand experience.

    Click image for larger version

    Type cover and the Surface Pro
    Click image for larger version

    Microsoft attempting to coil it's power cords nicely like Apple (Apple wins this one, easily)

    Click image for larger version

    Disc space consumed;

    Click image for larger version

    And the WEI (because we are nerds);
    Click image for larger version

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    I'd buy one myself but they are not on sale in the UK yet
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    I would be tempted, but I have to have something with a larger screen.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    I Like it for sure. Nice to see some screenshots.

    You're pretty mobile with one of those but unfortunately for me, the budget doesn't permit it for now... with 3 laptops standing by.
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    Initial opinions.

    1. The screen is absolutely gorgeous (at 1920x1080), but you better have great version if you plan to use the Classic Desktop as things are far, far, far too small. That's with the DPI at 150% (default). I RDP'd into a domain controller and work and could barely make out the active directory users and computers snap in at this resolution.
    2. Wi-Fi signal strength leaves a lot to be desired. As long as I am close to the access point, it's been alright. But when I get a bit away, it drops easily. But our laptops, smartphones and other tablet devices don't seem to have this issue.
    3. It does NOT seem to support gestures on the type cover keyboard touchpad. And the touchpad is very small top to bottom, so not much room to scroll our pinch to zoom anyway.
    4. the F1, F2 and F3 buttons require you to press Fn-F# in order to use. This is absolutely backwards.
    5. It does have a usb charging port on the power supply. That's nice for charging phones and other devices.

    So, that's all for the time being with the short amount of time I have had to spend with it.
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    I am Woman! Hear Me Roar!
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    i will buy it if it ever goes on sale for $400 or I win it
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    It's completely and totally useless on my lap sitting in a chair with the touch cover. I often sit in a recliner at home, with the legs kicked out and the laptop sitting on my lap and against my legs. More or less holding my laptop between my rib cage and my legs to balance it. Tried that tonight with the Surface Pro and it was wobbling and flopping all over the place.

    So, I've put the Surface away and I'm back on the Chromebook. It's much better for surfing like this on the web for me.
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    Yes, some reviewers pointed out that as a massive no no for them. Surface Pro seems only intended for use on a table/desk or similar.
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    I'd kill out the recovery partition and move it to a flash drive to recovery some space on the SSD.

    DPI set to more than 100%?

    Have you typed with the touch keyboard yet? I doubt you can do a laptop propping of the Pro like that, I would imagine it would be preferable to hold it with one hand or something or propped up with no type cover on. But you'd need to type with the touch keyboard. I like the touch keyboard on Windows 8, it works better than the ipad or android for sure, but I don't know about a 10.6 inch screen though.

    How's the stylus like?

    The Fn and Fx key combo isn't really new, I've seen it done with certain OEM laptops before. I would think that's a no biggie.

    I think the Pro has wifi issues as a reported glitch. Apparently Microsoft is working on a fix, which I don't get why that is though. I don't understand how companies release a new product and have issues found with them. Wouldn't you think they vigorously tested their product BEFORE releasing it?

    Please say you've at least pinned SOME things to Start?

    I think I must have great vision as I recently used a Dell XPS AIO with like the 2560 by whatever resolution it is, it's above 1080p but I'm lazy right now and don't want to figure it out. Changing the DPI to 150% proved to be real effective on the Desktop, made things MUCH easier to touch and view.

    Strange how the gestures aren't supported with the touchpad. You're doing them correctly I'm assuming? Odd, maybe Microsoft REALLY wants you to touch Windows 8.

    That's a sexy box.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    That reversed Fn - F1 F2 F3... is also what I have on my Win8 laptop. Pretty messy when you need boot devices list or booting with advanced options.

    The (primary) usage on a desk is not really what a tablet is supposed to do and in that case I'll pass because as I said, laptops are on the desk.

    HD screen and the overall Pro specs are really nice though. 150% dpi: it makes the image really sharp but it fills some decent screen for UI again and practically makes it comparable with 1366x768 without the low-res blurriness. But at that size you should be able to use the touch functionality better (I'm sure that was the reason for the high dpi settings).
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