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I emphasize Win 9 Rumor

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    Tampa Bay
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    I emphasize Win 9 Rumor

    Can not validate just for info...I emphasize Win 9 "Rumor"

    New details about Windows 9 have leaked
    February 28, 2013 9:32 am / 1 Comment / Sergey Tkachenko

    Indicative Roadmap for Windows 9, the next update after Blue.

    Windows 9 Beta (7 January 2014)
    Windows 9 Release Candidate (July 2014)
    Build 2014: Windows 9 RTM (October 2014)
    November 2014: Windows Release 9

    Testers have got build 9319.0.130208-1820 from Winmain / FBL_EEAP branch

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    I would think that would be to early for Windows 9.
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    Tampa Bay
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    I doubt it as well....that is why I put it in the chill room

    Absolutely too early...the writer is a Russian...I do not know much about Sergey Tkachenko

    There are 25 professionals named
    Sergey does do a blog and wallpapers and theme posts etc

    I do not want to confuse ...just saying it is out there (as a rumor)

    The build number could be made up too
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    This is probably the Blue update for Windows 8. It's supposed to have a newer and updated NT kernel, 6.3. Updated build number, Desktop UI flattening probably like Office 2013, Start Screen enhancements and IE 11.
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    It is a long-term roadmap.
    Notice the GA time? It is almost 2015, making the rumor is probably possible.
    Sergey Tkanchenko is a writer on (the site of our member, hb860)
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    Tampa Bay
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    MS Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit with WMC

    Guess this is more accurate...than Win 9
    Windows 8.1 Coming in June
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    For sure, 9 comes after 8... but the question is when.
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    I would think the author's date to be a little too soon, although not impossible, but it may be released sooner than we may think. MS may be moving quickly on builds given that they have greatly changed direction with 8. They may throw all they have at it attempting to succeed.

    8 to me seems to be more than just an OS, although I realize that's what it is. It seems to be more of a "personal social" launching platform with it's new Modern/Metro UI and apps. Does that make sense? It's difficult for me to describe. But if I may.....

    We have reached the crossroads of computing within our modern age. The Internet (cloud), touch, mobility, and social interaction. MS with 8 (and Surfaces) and others are attempting to fulfill this market demand with the combination of all four segments. It has gone way beyond sitting behind our desktop PCs. Societies are desiring more to be mobile with smaller devices. A percentage of enterprise may adapt this as well.

    Mobile devices demand less peripherals for ease of mobility. That's what the pads, phones, and hybrids (Surfaces) with touch UI fulfill. One needs to personally organize a launching platform, so that's what the Start Screen fulfills. One needs to synchronize devices, so that's what the cloud fulfills. One needs to socialize, that's what the Modern/Metro apps fulfill.

    I think it to be rather ingenious of what MS is attempting to accomplish. An OS to run across multiple devices in conjunction with Windows phone 8. It will most certainly simplify computing. I think it to be one better than their competition.

    Now we come to the gripes and complaints of enterprise and power users that need to sit behind their work stations for work to create. 7 will satisfy for quite a long time, but it's inevitable it won't last forever. Although the desktop remains for now, I see it disappearing sooner or later. We see signs of this in the leaked Blue build. More of the Win32 desktop is being moved to the Modern/Metro side. Perhaps they'll crank out 9 faster than we think to satisfy this market segment.

    Let's not forget what we read that custom apps may be easily written to match a company's needs. This I would think to be appealing to businesses.

    I'm sure MS does studies on builds as to what would be more economically feasible. Would an expeditious investment in a 9 for sale and profit to satisfy needs be more cost efficient than supporting those that upgrade (XP mostly I'd guess) or stick with 7 in the long run? If they could get 9 to be more appealing for sale, that may be the case. I would think we have to consider the economics of it, for after all they spend big bucks supporting OSs.

    It'll surely be interesting to watch it all unfold.
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    Tampa Bay
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    MS Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit with WMC

    Without further ado, here are the 10 coolest features (and hints of new features) buried deep inside this (presumably Alpha) build of Windows Blue.

    Deep inside Windows Blue: 10 coolest features in Microsoft's leaked OS | PCWorld

    CREDITS: PC World 25 March 13
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    Canon City
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    I think the feature I am looking most forward to is the 50/50 split screen being it makes more sense since the 75/25 is still nice but most things are not viewable in the 25% percent of the screen for me.
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