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"Just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts"

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    Ok, SWI2 and to all. Let's think of this thread being like a court of law. There's a judge or magistrate, a jury, prosecutor with associates, and a defense lawyer with associates. There are other court employees such as a recorder, bailiff, etc.

    The prosecution team attempts to prove the defendant(s) guilty by delivering facts of guilt to the jury. They have first turn of delivering facts. The defending team attempts to uphold the defendant's innocence by attempting to prove what the prosecution has presented as false. They may also add more proof of innocence of which then the prosecution can reply. Please remember that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, at least here in the U.S. I'm not learned about other countries in this area.

    In your case, MS is innocent until proven guilty. They are a corporation that specializes in software that decided recently to diversify more with added hardware. They simply crank out products and services for a profit. That's what capitalism is. That's what makes the world go round. That's how people on this planet survive, unless one wants to live off the land by hunting for, gathering, or farming for food, clothing, and shelter.

    Let me state that there were times I would've like to share my political views of corporations and the condition of America with you and others, but stating those are against forum rules.

    As I've stated in my OP, facts are those that come from scientific study results, data charts/lists, a company employee statement/press release (allow me to add that these are witnesses), or the like.

    With my first point I attempted to prove my line of thinking (to defend) with data that I've read or videos I've watched.

    I'm sorry to say that your refrigerator analogy does not meet scientific criteria. It is a fable at most attempting to prove your opinion. You or anyone, of course, has the right to dispute what I've stated. I see you posted a book. Would you please post excerpts from the book to prove your point?

    Cokie and others need to supply links to facts as well, otherwise, to me, it is just an opinion. That is all I'm attempting to accomplish with the thread.

    In the end the "jury" (all members) will come to their own conclusion or educated opinion. That is my goal.
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    You're only going to get opinions in here for or against, we aren't Microsoft and they are the ones who have the facts, after all they're the ones who made it not anyone here in this forum.
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    The starting point for many is a basic qualification - e.g a 3 or 4 year full time degree. Often followed by further postgrad qualifications. Then several years working in the field. It can be quite subtle and complex.

    Not something that can be taught in a few posts - or even several hundred posts.

    That is why simple analogies are used.

    If the fridge analogy is not clear, perhaps I should spell it out more clearly.

    1. The number of times I open the fridge door is recorded.
    2. I am then supplied with a fridge freezer.
    3. The number of times I open the fridge door is recorded again. It is found the fridge door is opened less often.

    What does that show ? Does it show why the fridge door is opened less often ? Does it show that the fridge is a useless item that should be removed?

    If you had some motive for wanting fridges to be removed/banned/whatever, you could try and present those figures as "justification".

    Cokie says MS claim the start menu was used somewhat less after the introduction of task bar pinning. Not surprising, really is it. Does that show the start menu is a useless item that should be removed?

    The figures may or may not be accurate - let us give the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are - what do they show ?

    FYI - analogies are often used in court. The defence and/or prosecution may try and draw analogies with something the jurors might understand.
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