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Yesterdays Technology today - Yahoo bans Teleworking !!!

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    Yesterdays Technology today - Yahoo bans Teleworking !!!

    Hi there
    I really can't believe that a Global I.T company (Yahoo) would actually Ban Teleworking - especially these days with excellent mobile devices, fast broadband and with new OS'es (in particular Windows 8) and server systems designed for remote storage and sharing applications.

    BBC News - Teleworking: The myth of working from home

    Why does it always have to be an Either OR situation -- All work at Home or All work in the office.

    I'm extremely glad to be able to work at least ONE day a week at home -- This to me seems the best way --have a bit of BOTH.

    These days where everybody has mobile phones which are in constant use -- and some people seem to be totally unaware that things like loud keyboard clicks and incessant rings / other notification sounds DO effect other people around them make a day or two at home really productive. - When it comes to Mobile devices some people seem to be totally lacking in respect for other people in crowded places -- while in the office just turn the keyboard taps down and mute the sounds that arrive from 20,000 twitter or facebook messages and seem to be totally fazed if you ask them to quieten their mobile devices down a bit while you are struggling to think in order to solve a complex problem.

    I wonder if Yahoo actually has some shares in airlines or hotels and is worried about declining revenues if less people travel daily to work.


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    We (Ford IT) can work from home once a week on a regular basis. It's approved on a case-by-case basis and I've done it in the past and it can be very useful and increase productivity, depending upon the nature of the work you're doing. At the time, I was doing "pen testing" and ethical hacking, so the ability to focus and not have any interruptions helped me to increase my own productivity and I even got promoted! When my grandfather lived with us and was dying, my boss let me work from home so I could be there for my grandfather and I will ALWAYS remember that kindness!
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    Flip the coin. . .We must remember that there are also going to be those who mess up a good thing. There are possibilities a few home workers were not getting the job done, thus causing the need for Yahoo! to cancel the at home work force.

    As a former Claims Director for a large transportation company (80's & 90's) I allowed my people to work from home, albeit they had to meet a set amount of claims to be cleared per week, or back to the office. All home workers were required to come in every Friday for the weekly meetings and to get caught up on what was happening within the company. In my twelve years as Director it was necessary to only cancel one from working at home.
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    IMO, Yahoo has far bigger issues than teleworkers to address.
    Listening to, and ACTING UPON feedback from users would be a good starting-point.
    They started going downhill when they arrogantly thought they knew better than their users.
    Sound like someone we know?
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    Yeah! Good idea. Let's suppress our employees! Let's not save them money, time, nor aggravation of traffic!

    In my neck of the woods yahoo means a dumb a--. Yahoo is acting like a real yahoo here, IMO.

    Perhaps Yahoo should subsidize fuel and more roads for their employees.
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