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Very disappointed...

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    Very disappointed...

    Back at the end of December, I posted here that I had an EVGA SLI motherboard to give to the 1st person who responded and that all I was asking for was to pay shipping. A guy from the UK asked for the board, so on 1/3/2013 I sent it out and the shipping was $24, which I sent him an email asking for once he received the motherboard. Well, it's now past mid February and I haven't heard a thing nor received $24 via PayPal for the shipping. I'm just disappointed, that's all...

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    Hello azasadny,

    You are not alone on this one but you are one of the select few that can be labeled a real "nice guy." So, take it on the chin and learn from your experience. Keep the faith!

    Best regards,

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    I am sorry to hear that. It should not happen to a nice guy like you !!!
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    Yeah, that sucks. It's amazing what people will do to one another. Oh well, karma always comes back to you. You are banking good points.
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    I am sorry to hear that Art, but not surprised. When I was younger business was still done on a handshake and people honored their commitments. Now I wonder if the word honor even has a place in the dictionary.
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    Hey Art, the next time you have some spare parts that you want to get rid of and if they will work for my needs, I'll take them. I'm not shy in asking. I'll send the money up front as I don't use/have a pay-pal account. Just keep me in mind, I'm always looking for some good upgrades.
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    These things are very disturbing. It's not so much the moneypart (although that is important), but it's just the principle of the thing.You trust someone and they let you down. It was good of you to ship it to the person, but not so good of him for not standing up to his end.

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    Thanks, guys! I guess I'm just feeling bad that someone would sell their integrity for $24, that's pretty cheap! It's not as if I desperately needed the $, but now I just wish that I had sent the motherboard to someone who would have appreciated it. Anyway, the next time I have parts to give away, I'll let a select few of you know! Thanks again...
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    My wife sells a lot of crafting bits on Ebay and never ships anything before prior payment on PayPal. I think that's the way it should be done.
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    Yes, if I was selling things for a living or needed to make a profit, I would have required payment upfront. I've been on eBay since 1998 and I've been buying and selling online (bought a VW Westfalia, Porsche 911, Slingerland and Roland drumsets, Parker Fly, Taylor and Schecter guitars, etc...) and this is the 1st time I've been ripped off. Granted, it was only $24, but it still irks me... All I wanted was to be reimbursed for shipping to Great Britain...
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