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Microsoft Surface Phone?

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    Microsoft Surface Phone?

    I know it is only rumored but does anyone else truly believe in this? Because if Microsoft creates their own Surface Phone then that would be incredible! Say good bye iFail!!!

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    Most likely, yes. Seeing as they said they were never developing a tablet PC and obviously did in secret, who's to say otherwise?

    Also, it's been found from some internet benchmarking sites that they detected a Microsoft Surface Phone...
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    Wow awesome!!! I cannot wait!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Krabski View Post
    I know it is only rumored but does anyone else truly believe in this? Because if Microsoft creates their own Surface Phone then that would be incredible! Say good bye iFail!!!
    Guess I don't see the value in a "Surface Phone." My Nokia WP8 fully integrates into my MS ecosystem and there's nothing I want it to do that it doesn't get done. Love to hear what the advantages would be.
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    I wasn't thinking about advantages at all! Just excited for Microsoft to make their own phone!
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    It will be interesting to see how this will come about and developed. I'm happy with the HTC 8X and the Windows Phone 8 system, I don't need a MS Surface Phone, but it would be great to see how this will be developed and what it will be (if the rumors are true) but I would most likely say it's a given.
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    What would you pay for this Microsoft Surface Tablet Phone? What would the service plans charges look like? Who's network backbone would they use?

    Why restrict that all to a Surface tablet? You can do it right now, for Free with any desktop laptop or tablet. 100% Free Calls to USA Canada, Puerto, Mexico and Greece. This currently includes local, national or international calling to all cell phones and all land line phones (except 911) in all these countries but will work from anywhere in the world. They are adding the ability for land line phones and cell phones to call your PC directly for free as well as video. It's called Bobsled.

    I have a thread about it here:Bobsled - Free xtra phone line for all PC Mac Linux device Made by T-mobile for all for free with awesome sound quality and fast duplex voice over internet. With all that, any new phone system that charges especially tied to a PC device like a tablet will be a Big failure.

    I use this everyday while sitting on my PC and dont have to waste any minutes or worry about long distance charges. I think it's the best app on the planet.
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    I'm more interesting in a possible Nokia EOS Lumia Windows Phone. Basically, best camera your eyeballs will ever see on a smartphone.
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    Well hopefully we hear something here soon because I am getting a new phone in May and I am looking at either a HTC 8x or a Nokia 822 and I would like to see this out before then but I doubt I would be this fortunate.
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    Nokia actually will probably have their Lumia 920 variant for Verizon soon. It's just been found today of a Lumia 928 listing. If that's a higher end 920 with the metal body, that's yet to be known.
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