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Latest MS ad for the Surface Pro

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    I don't know what kind of conclusions on popularity you can draw from that, or why you think it has anything to do with the latest commercial :

    The polling organization asked ...what the coolest tech brands are, and for the first time in a long while around half answered Microsoft.

    ...Cupertino's still cooler than its Redmond rivals. About 60 per cent of da yout in the South London vernacular think that Apple is cooler than it was a few years ago...the survey also found that Google is the prom king of the tech classroom, with seven out of 10 of the 4,798 people polled giving it the thumbs-up.

    Facebook has grown even less cool than Microsoft, according to 47 per cent of respondents, but even so 90 per cent of them reported checking in on the social networking site, and over half on a daily basis declining in coolness doesn't mean discarded

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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    One more reason not to buy it. Do they take us for savages from the jungle.

    Surface Pro Commercial "The Vibe" - YouTube
    it is interesting that Microsoft thinks we are all stupid, I think this is the most ridiculous commercial for a tablet I have ever seen.
    The people on the commercial look like idiots, what I do not understand since the surface pro is geared for the business person, why not show it off properly. like show its assets, show why it would be good for a business person to purchase it.

    Putting people in business attire and have them prance and dance all around does not show good business sense nor have a person who needs it for business purposes to want it. duh!
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    "Our number one thing is supplying products to consumers," he told MIT Review. That's kind of what we do. Sixty-five percent of all PCs go to the consumer, not to the enterprise."
    It'd obviously never happen but I personally wouldn't mind seeing them lose the non-consumer 35% of their business. Ballmer is a cocky, arrogant tool and really needs to have a wake-up call. When they came out with the version of Office that ate up my cpu cycles with dancing paperclips I said right then and there that Microsoft has no business in the enterprise. They must have listened.
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    I went into staples today and saw the surface pro on display so I was curious and started to play with it. I was not impressed. I did not like the touch part in the desktop lap. It was hard to maneuver, my finger kept hitting the wrong folder, for me in that part I would need a mouse and with only one USB that would be a problem unless there is Bluetooth ( I did nor check- is there Bluetooth on this device?) if yes I would have to purchase another mouse, more money added to it, their keyboard they had attached was broken so I could not check that, it looked nice but until they fix it or I go into best buy to check it out I cannot comment on it. The touch for metro was ok. It is heavier than my ipad2
    I do not like that office 2010 you have to pay for. Another expense, the windows rt surface has office, I do not understand why the pro does not
    Unless the price drops or I win it,,,not! I doubt if I will purchase it. I can get more in a touch laptop for less money
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