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This is absolutely hilarious - and true

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    Nice job on the videos Wolfgang! I could have used them last summer, when I first tried out Windows 8. Although I can make my around the start screen now, I have chosen to install ex7 for win 8, which allowed me to import the familiar Windows 7 start menu.

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    For me, Start Screen > Start Menu.

    Seriously, I don't know if the amount of research I've had to do in order to learn the ins and outs of Windows 8 is any greater than with previous versions. I've had to look things up before, and sure, I admit, that's still the case. Not everything in Windows is just going to stare you right in the face and be unequivocally, 100% obvious.

    I think I can say, objectively, yeah, maybe there is a little learning curve with Windows 8. But it just doesn't seem like that big a deal to me at this point, now that I know how things are done. I'm so used to moving my mouse to the edges of the screen that I almost don't even have to think about it anymore. I don't know if I can blame Microsoft for what they are doing, that is, their expansion into mobile computing. Can they ignore it? Is it wrong to want to consolidate their operating systems to make things more straightforward for their users?

    I wouldn't want to go back to 7. But at any rate, I thought this was an interesting and well-made video.
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    I had the Youtube page from the OP as an open tab in my browser when I closed it... and when I re-opened the browser yesterday it played again.

    Is it just me that gets an advert for Chromebook at the start of the video?
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    I think the ads change all the time. Right now I get a Honda ad.
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    I am soooooooo glad I'm not the only one that has gremlins popping up and farting in my face. I'm way serious about that and not mocking the video. How true.....
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