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Fruit company in trouble in Asia -- opportunity for Ms

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    Fruit company in trouble in Asia -- opportunity for Ms

    Hi there Ms
    Your marketing people should be "making Hay while the sun shines". You've got a real windows of opportunity here to push the Nokia W8 smartphones and the Surface pro tablet -- have seen very few commercials (some but not that many) for the latest W8 phones and NONE, ZERO, not a single one for the Surface Pro.

    Our "Favourite Fruit Company" is continuing its downward spiral -- not only has it been crucified by the markets recently it's now leapt into the realm of "uncool" in probably the most important market in the world at the moment - Asia. Ms should be selling in Asia otherwise Android will have swept it all up.


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    Thanks for the article lead, Jim. :thumbup:

    I was just replying in another thread on an article about the pricing of the iPad 5. I think they're also not cool, but I think they'll overprice themselves as well.

    $800 with WiFi or $930 with WiFi + cellular with 128 GBs?!! (Plus accessories and/or peripherals I imagine) They have to be out of their gourds!

    That surely isn't cool at those prices!
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    I'll have to find the article as it's really not even reported on even though it's a HUGE bright spot in the global battle against The Empire of Fruit.

    Last that I have read or heard of, the Windows Phone 7, actually has peaked over iphone usage in China. android is the most used platform, mostly due to cruddy feature devices than anything. The Nokia Lumia 920 was recently released in China, kept selling out due to high demand. I think the first day it was sold out in two hours. A new shipment of the yellow 920 sold out in 20 minutes...
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    TBH, I hope Android beats Microsoft to it. A market filled with open source would be absolutely awesome.
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    Man, with the competition heating up so intensely in the smartphone market and the release of WP8, I'm on the verge of trying to convince myself that I ... need one.

    Heh. Yeah, my parents and I just share a TracFone. For our needs, it's plenty. But gosh darn it ... everyone's enjoying their phones so much. Maybe I should jump on the bandwagon.
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