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How's your weather?

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    How's your weather?

    I'm from northern Ohio and it's coooooooold out side. It's cold enough to freeze the ears off of a brass monkey. I can't wait for the good old summer time. How's the weather where you are at?

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    Webster NY US
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    Webster NY. COLD - as in going down to single digits tomorrow night COLD.
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    Its bitterly cold and windy here. -20F this morning with a high this afternoon of -8F and dropping down to -24F tonight. Brrrr!
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    In the low 70's - that's 'cold' around here. Need a sweater to go out. Especially in the restaurants where they always run the AC at full blast.
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    It's snowing.
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    Webster NY US
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    Win 7 / Win 8

    LittleJay! In Minnesota! You guys get the the cold core of the arctic air mass!
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    -4C ATM outside in Birmingham
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    26C or 79F Nice and worm in Wollongon, Australia
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    As of right now, 6 degrees Fahrenheit. This week's highs are going to be in the mid 20s. So far, I'm enjoying it! My motto is it's easier to warm up in the winter than it is to cool down in the summer. Except, it is LITERALLY impossible to clean my car's windows as the spray just ices up... Kind of got annoyed with that. And I haven't washed my car in months and it's bugging me, since it's so cold, I don't think the road filth will come off too easily.
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Shenandoah Valley, Va.-- 26' F.
    Not too bad.
    I remember feeding cows one day when it was 14' below zero.
    The cows were WHITE with frost.
    It was foggy & they materialized out of the mist like a herd of ghost cows.
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