Hi there.
seeing pictures of disrupted flights at London's Heathrow airport and the terminals looking like a cross between a 3rd world refugee camp and a middle eastern / african war zone for a 2 - 4 cm snow fall the Finns must surely be laughing. Not only that which is bad enough but passengers were left sitting in aircraft for up to 7 hours --why they couldn't let them off the planes to get drinks / food / stretch their legs etc I don't understand.

(Reminds you I think of some people being unable to organise a Prayer meeting in the Vatican. -- They've had at least a WEEK'S warning of the weather - it didn't just suddenly happen where there could have been a smidgen of an excuse).

(Tip if you need to visit London go to the smaller London City Airport --that one seems to work OK).

I've been to Helsinki airport more times in Winter than one can imagine -- 2 CM of SNOW !! not sure if the Finns would even call that a snowfall at all. I can't ever in my entire life remember Helsinki airport ever being closed for ice / snow --it might happen - but I'm sure it's extremely rare.

London --one of the wealthiest cities on this entire planet and they can't keep their major airport open !! for an amount of snow most Scandanavians wouldn't even SEE.

Perhaps some of the Bankers with their inflated bonuses and excess amount of money paid by taxpayers to rescue their organisations could offer to buy some snow / ice removing equipment from Finland or come down to Heathrow and do some real public service such as shovelling snow off the runways.