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Can other people unlock my car door with their remote?

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    Tampa Bay
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    Can other people unlock my car door with their remote?

    HowStuffWorks "Can other people unlock my car door with their remote?"

    Can other people unlock my car door with their remote?

    Credits: Myth Busters

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    Possible, but highly unlikely. Even if the remote only has an 16-bit code it's still only 1 in 65,535 that someone walking by will have the exact same code with the exact remote for your car and just happen to try to open your car.

    A determined thief is going to get in your car if they really want to. Most security systems on cars (and on houses for that matter) cover the 99.9% of casual thieves that aren't that determined.

    Don't worry about it.

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    Tampa Bay
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    My title was misleading

    Not my purpose....really just wanted to let my wife in her car from the house to the mall via cell and our own extra car key're right more codes needed than a garage door opener...mike

    Great weather here ...mike
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    In that article it describes Smart Keys as follows:

    "On smart key systems like these, the driver needs only to walk up to the car and the doors unlock automatically. When he or she sits inside, they press an "engine start" button to get the car going without physically turning a key. As long as they have the smart key somewhere in the vehicle, perhaps in his or her pocket or purse, the engine will start."

    What happens in this scenario. A husband and wife share a car and they both need the car that day because the husband is working and the wife needs the car to go shopping. The husband starts the car in the morning and they drive to his work, where he gets out to go to work and the wife then takes over and drives to the shopping centre. The problem is the husband still has the fob in his pocket and the wife didn't bring her fob. Is she now stranded at the shopping centre, or does the car give you a warning when the fob is out of range?
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    Tampa Bay
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    My car would only allow you to get a few blocks then it actually quites....actually, maybe 100 feet
    (She still would be stuck away from hubby's work)

    Most people are aware and would be too prudent to take over the vehicle without a key in hand

    But to reference your scenario...I guess it depends on the make and car model...I just don't know
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    With the old Infra red stuff it was possible -- you used a device called a "Grabber" - worked roughly on the same principle as TV Learning Remotes.

    The criminal would lie in wait for the "victim" to lock his car in a car park before say going into the supermarket. Then using his grabber he'd open the door and drive away -- older cars it's easy to "Hot Wire" -- fortunately can't be done these days so easily.

    Modern cars use a combination of smart keys as well as the remote controller which uses laser controls rather than the limited set done via the earlier infra red system so you can't just "Clone the code" -- there's a chip in the key as well which you need before the door will open--and sometimes even a biometric control is included-- although I've no idea how this is overridden when a car goes for Valet Parking or servicing.

    Some cars don't even have a key at all for the doors -- the laser control is very sophisticated and cloning devices aren't in the realm of even quite sophisticated "Cars stolen to Order" type of organised crime.

    You car is actually much more likely to get stolen if it's say 4 or 5 years old than a brand new one.

    Anyway "Here endeth the first lesson in Car breaking " !!!!

    I remember a university student who built one of these sorts of grabbers which would collect the codes for around 20 cars - then as a pratical joke after he'd got his 20th code he'd drive round underground car parks setting off the car alarms on these cars !!! (No it wasn't me!).

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    That remind me to a weird scene few years back when I just got off my car in parking area at the airport which an air show was taking place. Few seconds later came five jet planes making low aerobatic just above the parking area. What happened then, many of cars in the parking area had their the alarm triggered, and surprisingly some of car doors were even unlocked.
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    At least things are more secure now. I remember years ago trying to find the car in a vast parking lot and sure enough there were three identical to mine all parked together. I unlocked with the key and got in and started the engine, looked in my rear view mirror. It was only then I realised something was wrong... I didn't have a child....there was a child seat in the back. It wasn't my car but my key unlocked it anyway. Scarey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abseh1 View Post
    HowStuffWorks "Can other people unlock my car door with their remote?"

    Can other people unlock my car door with their remote?

    Credits: Myth Busters
    Can't unlock mine with a remote.
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Can other people unlock my car door with their remote?
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