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Why Physical Computer / electronic stores are failing

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    Why Physical Computer / electronic stores are failing

    Hi there
    People are bemoaning the death of the "Traditional High / Main St".
    Well my experience in most Physical computer / electronic stores is usually TERRIBLE and now I buy online 99% of the time.

    here are some PET HATES of mine about these physical stores :

    1) Often when looking at a piece of equipment --say a nice large LCD Monitor == I want to SEE what sort of connections I can make to it -- such as number of HDMI ports , does it have a USB2 or USB3 slot, is it possible to connect a VGA monitor device or a DVI device, Optical / other Audio connectors --In and out etc. The gear is often arranged so that this is impossible to view decently and if you try and move even if ever so slightly the gear for a better look then alarms and good knows what starts going off.

    2) Things like cameras are often locked in cases behind a manned sales counter so you can't get a decent look at the device or feel it for weight, tactile usefulness etc etc. totally a waste of my time if i'm in the market for a professional model type DSLR camera etc, or want a music device and want to see if it has provision for external storage etc etc.

    3) Sales staff usually totally ignorant -- I had to correct a salesman telling an elderly couple --Don't buy the HP Deskjet 3520 printer (which was great value and had been reduced to 55 EUR) as you'll have to pay an extra 32 EUR for a packet of Inks -- get the Epson one which has the inks included.

    Now the HP printer clearly had marked ON THE BOX -- INCLUDES .... and a set of Ink cartridges!!! -- in all my years of buying EPSON they never include cartridges except sometimes tiny "Demo" one's.

    5) after finally choosing something like a laptop -- the saleman disappears and says I'll just go to the stockroom warehouse to check on its availability and comes back after about 10 mins or so and then says "Out of Stock". --

    Why can't they do a stock take either last thing at night or before the store opens and then say on the item --Out of Stock but available for order -- then we don't waste everybody's time --in any case shouldn't a COMPUTER store have real time stock levels available.

    6) TV's often Hi quality LCD's are connected to bog standard channels and aren't showing the HD definition or super HD which is what we want to see -- Why spend money on a 66 inch monster if you only are looking at standard definition TV -- It looks poor on a screen that size. Also when displaying 3-D TV's why no 3-D glasses --or you have to wait 10 mins for a sales assistant to give you a pair --total B/S if you are trying to move 3-D sets.

    7) Security follows people around everywhere -- honestly I've visited people in JAIL and felt less intimidated by security than in some of these stores where they attempt to make you feel as a real low life as soon as you even enter the place and checking out makes airport security a breeze. I'm quite a large tall strong guy and would easily come off better in a "Street Brawl" with some of these guys but that still doesn't stop them from attempting to intimidate you so what some women must feel like --no idea.

    Anyway if shopping in these places is designed to make you feel as a criminal as soon as you enter the door --then I'm done with this stuff - and I'll stick to the Internet and hope others do the same so these stores go out of business.

    If you treat people like animals --well you know the result -- I remember when in English Soccer grounds people were "caged in" like animals -- and violence was never far from the scene. -- Fortunately a more enlightened approach these days has been adopted with barriers removed, family and disabled areas and making the whole experience safer and "more woman" friendly too. -- Not saying problem is 100% solved but most English soccer grounds are quite safe --if only one could afford the current prices --that's another tale.


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    This is true. The sales people at these stores are just so... wow, GROSSLY under-informed! I have a couple of&nbsp;friends that I found out were working at a best buy. I went in one day to play with a touch AIO PC they had running the Release Preview of Windows 8. They've never actually tested out Windows 8 until that time. They sell people PCs, and don't know what the upcoming version is like to use. <br><br>And I hate their hovering of their staff. But since I've gone into that store SO many times to play with the Windows 8 PCs, no one bothers me anymore. Which is good I guess. Sad thing is, I honestly think I've sold a few people on a Windows 8 touch PC on the first couple days after the launch as they came up to ME, when I was playing around with them proficiently. One had an ipad he spent 1,100 dollars one he later returned. A couple probably bought a touch AIO PC I was one, and a friend brought me over to explain to them why buying a PC is better than buying a mac....
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    Around here (Metro Detroit area), they're so busy watching for people stealing merchandise that they can't help you. I went to a BestBuy in Dearborn, MI to buy a wireless access point and they didn't havve any in stock! The shelves are always bare EXCEPT for the phones and phone accessories... I buy online and at a local PC store if they have what I need in stock...
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Why Physical Computer / electronic stores are failing
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